Thursday, March 26, 2015
  • It would be interesting to see if she continues to complain there aren't enough minorities here or enough women there.

  • My columns are intended to make people weigh perceptions and raise questions that folks are thinking with their inside voice but wouldn't speak out loud.

  • The simple act of saying that one agrees with him on any topic brings an avalanche of negative response. It is not worth it.

  • Was the outcome predetermined by the selection committee before the actual vote?

  • So the difference is the “good old girls” vs. “good old boys?” The good old boys are fixing the streets, the good old girls are whining . . . and and chanting slogans

  • Why not treat unfunded liabilities as debt? Debt is defined in the city budget, and there is a limit as to how much can be taken on.

Essays and Opinions

Research vs. slogans

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Volume 1501, Number 12 Don’t shoot I’m Black Often what we know “ain’t necessarily so.” Media articles would have us believe that police are anxious to shoot Black subjects. And we might believe that cops carry lots of equipment to help them do a better job. In reality, Cops are more reluctant to shoot Black subjects and more likely to ... Read More »

Slow targets are easier

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Volume 1501, Number 11 Why pick on them? We received a provocative, anonymous question:  “Why don’t you criticize the idiotic comments by pro Mayor “chronic commenters??” We looked back at the posts of eight commenters, tallied as either “pro” or “anti” Mayor. Individually they may not be absolutist in their views. One (pro Mayor) commenter made a lot of well-reasoned ... Read More »

Hyenas and pseudomonas

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Volume 1501, Number 10 Changing our science thinking  Most of us believe that hyenas are pretty well programmed to scavenge carrion. If the environment changes, such as in areas where hunting bans appear, hyenas begin to hunt game and livestock and start ignoring the carrion. (Without hunting in the delineated areas the lion numbers increase, the prey declines, then most ... Read More »

They can’t believe that


Volume 1501, Number 7 Filling idle time  While cooling our heels we occupied ourselves by dissecting an example of the type of thinking so common in Costa Mesa. We recommend the activity to readers who have idle moments. K. Findley, a “Top Commenter” for the Daily Pilot wrote:  “It doesn’t seem to be effective to attend the meetings. Monahan, Righiemer ... Read More »