Tuesday, July 29, 2014
  • Freedom means nothing if it does not mean the freedom to do what other people don't like.


  • Then she’d have to do what she should do now: Go to the proper department during the week and do your research.

  • “It's hard to tell who has your back, from who has it long enough just to stab you in it....”

  • We need leaders, not complainers and button pushers.

  • But I would like to see her run for council just the same. I applaud all who take the time to run and to serve if they win.

Essays and Opinions

Watching you — too

Wild 066

July 21 Big brother knows and tells A murder suspect was identified by a “technology contractor” monitoring his online activity. It’s not catching a murderer that’s disquieting, though. The article states:  “(Investigator) Simmons revealed for the first time the trail of evidence that led police to suspect (Joy of committing murder):  “Over the next days, police . . . searched ... Read More »

Costa Mesans Choose

Domesticated 027

July 16  “A mind committed to compassion is like an overflowing reservoir – a constant source of energy, determination and kindness. This mind can also be likened to a seed; when cultivated, it gives rise to many other qualities, such as forgiveness, tolerance, inner strength, and the confidence to overcome fear and insecurity.” Dalai Lama We choose compassion — or ... Read More »

No women — bothered


July 15 Where are the women Why aren’t more women running for public office? There’s a candidate for County Supervisor who is doing very well, leading the pack of office-seekers. Her very successful campaign so far demonstrates that planning and experience work for those who seek office – male or female. Why don’t we have more women interested in Costa Mesa City Council? There ... Read More »