Wednesday, July 23, 2014
  • Freedom means nothing if it does not mean the freedom to do what other people don't like.


  • Then she’d have to do what she should do now: Go to the proper department during the week and do your research.

  • “It's hard to tell who has your back, from who has it long enough just to stab you in it....”

  • We need leaders, not complainers and button pushers.

  • But I would like to see her run for council just the same. I applaud all who take the time to run and to serve if they win.

Essays and Opinions

Watching you — too

Wild 066

July 21 Big brother knows and tells A murder suspect was identified by a “technology contractor” monitoring his online activity. It’s not catching a murderer that’s disquieting, though. The article states:  “(Investigator) Simmons revealed for the first time the trail of evidence that led police to suspect (Joy of committing murder):  “Over the next days, police . . . searched ... Read More »

Costa Mesans Choose

Domesticated 027

July 16  “A mind committed to compassion is like an overflowing reservoir – a constant source of energy, determination and kindness. This mind can also be likened to a seed; when cultivated, it gives rise to many other qualities, such as forgiveness, tolerance, inner strength, and the confidence to overcome fear and insecurity.” Dalai Lama We choose compassion — or ... Read More »

No women — bothered


July 15 Where are the women Why aren’t more women running for public office? There’s a candidate for County Supervisor who is doing very well, leading the pack of office-seekers. Her very successful campaign so far demonstrates that planning and experience work for those who seek office – male or female. Why don’t we have more women interested in Costa Mesa City Council? There ... Read More »

More fun to scream injustice than to lend a hand


July 10 They know not — of what they speak  We’re hearing more nonsense – deliberate nonsense we think – about freedom of expression.  It starts with anguished cries that the Mayor is stifling First Amendment (of the U.S. Constitution) rights by specifying that “free range” speakers limit comments to three minutes and speak during specified periods at Council meetings. ... Read More »