Thursday, July 27, 2017
  • It would be interesting to see if she continues to complain there aren't enough minorities here or enough women there.

  • My columns are intended to make people weigh perceptions and raise questions that folks are thinking with their inside voice but wouldn't speak out loud.

  • The simple act of saying that one agrees with him on any topic brings an avalanche of negative response. It is not worth it.

  • Was the outcome predetermined by the selection committee before the actual vote?

  • So the difference is the “good old girls” vs. “good old boys?” The good old boys are fixing the streets, the good old girls are whining . . . and and chanting slogans

  • Why not treat unfunded liabilities as debt? Debt is defined in the city budget, and there is a limit as to how much can be taken on.

Essays and Opinions

Only Two Words Matter

Bird 203

Truth and Trust Volume 1504 Number 4 Contracting gets a bad rap nowadays, often well-deserved. We’ve personally dealt with contractors for two plumbing, two tile, three electrical, three minor improvement and one air conditioning project in Costa Mesa. Some contractors were courteous, others rather surly. One was an abomination in work quality as well as reliability. Two plumbers, one tile ... Read More »

Government-supported Religion

Bird 004

Volume 1504, Number 2 Look like Cults, Act like Cults “Save the …” cults* are not registered as religions but many do enjoy tax-exempt status – an important boon for religions – for other reasons. “Save the . . . “ cults can look a lot like religions, though. In some areas people suffer from debilitating, sometimes fatal, diseases consequent to ... Read More »

Banning Bashing revisited

Insect 021

How rather than what Normally we don’t answer personal questions – personal beliefs aren’t often relevant to the logic of the ideas discussed. However, “What do you personally think about development of the Banning Ranch?” does introduce an important political perspective. First of all, the point to the post was neither the value of Banning Ranch nor the advisability of ... Read More »

Ban Banning Bashing

Bird 197

Volume 1503 Number 1 Take it away from them! We noted scattered “feel good” signs entreating us to “Save Banning Ranch.” “Banning Ranch” is a plot of seacoast land that investors thought would be appealing to homeowners. Some people believe the area should remain undeveloped for various reasons.  But the agitators don’t want to exert their effort or spend their ... Read More »

Research vs. slogans

Domesticated 015

Volume 1501, Number 12 Don’t shoot I’m Black Often what we know “ain’t necessarily so.” Media articles would have us believe that police are anxious to shoot Black subjects. And we might believe that cops carry lots of equipment to help them do a better job. In reality, Cops are more reluctant to shoot Black subjects and more likely to ... Read More »