Wednesday, April 23, 2014
  • I still love my country….Some people forget why we served……

  • “Distorting one’s view to take a warped look at the situation, then imagining . . . That doesn’t require a grasp of reality — or any honesty of thought.”

  • "It may be hard to criticize the Mayor when he continues to improve the infrastructure and help the city."

  • “Whenever an article is written they don’t agree with, they can’t leave it alone . . . their comment usually is a personal attack (with) themes of excrement . . . bootlicking . . .”

  • “The less a man knows, the more likely he is to assume he’s right.”

  • Is it nature or nurture that determines character?

Essays and Opinions

Alinsky: Use ad hominem ad nauseaum

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April 21 Attack the person Saul Alinsky was an organizer and political theorist active in the 1950’s and 1960’s. His “Rules for Radicals” has been a text for civil disruption ever since. His “12 Rules,” his contempt for the mentality of the populace, and his scorn for truth are famous (or infamous) now.1, 2 His “rules” are still being followed ... Read More »

Civilian support for union intimidation tactics

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April 21 Cop “Playbook” rules There’s been a rule added to the police union “Playbook.” (The “playbook” was a law firm’s list of rules for police unions to use to pressure administrations. Google “Lackie, Dammeier, McGill playbook” for more information.) The new “rule” is “Get civilians to follow the playbook for you whenever possible.” From the “Playbook: Public Appearances  . ... Read More »

Council notes


Apr 16 City Council meeting We won’t delve into the brouhaha about the rude-dude’s remarks or the Mayor’s reply in any depth. It’s been accurately covered by the Daily Pilot. (,0,7124977.story  ) The hypocrisy demonstrated Tuesday evening deserves a little attention, though. A Councilwoman admonished the Mayor to just accept insults and name calling as part of the job. This ... Read More »

If it didn’t work before . . .

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Mar 26 Why do what doesn’t work “If valid, peer-reviewed studies indicate one approach works, and experience in Costa Mesa, Oakland, and throughout the U.S. suggests that another doesn’t, why insist on using the approach that hasn’t worked?” * This is from a post about police staffing, and it certainly still holds true; if community involvement, planned and focused police ... Read More »