Thursday, July 27, 2017


Ban Banning Bashing

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Volume 1503 Number 1 Take it away from them! We noted scattered “feel good” signs entreating us to “Save Banning Ranch.” “Banning Ranch” is a plot of seacoast land that investors thought would be appealing to homeowners. Some people believe the area should remain undeveloped for various reasons.  But the agitators don’t want to exert their effort or spend their ... Read More »

Angry, misguided — and wrong again

Talbert parklike Aug

Volume, Number 7 Meandering and minutia Some who attend the Fairview Park Citizens Advisory Committee meetings are supposedly irate. “The great majority wants a ‘natural’ park and no development but the committee ignores them.” Nonsense. The 24 regular visitors we’ve identified who show up for most or all meetings are not representative of 110,000 Costa Mesans. (More attendees show up ... Read More »

“Hypocrisy” spelled with four letters and a number

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Sep 1 Integrity is not a conditional word. It doesn’t blow in the wind or change with the weather . . . (if you look inside yourself) and see a man who won’t cheat, then you know (the man) never will. John D. MacDonald. We do what our president says We note that our resident gadfly group denied their support ... Read More »

How to be a hypocrite

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Aug 17 Tell others how they should live or behave Live behind a wall in a gated community – and oppose the cleanup of the problem motels. After all, “they” can’t ride a stolen bike into your community to grab iPads from cars. Ignore the reality of some Costa Mesa neighborhoods at night while the wall around your abode protects ... Read More »

Stop that candidate — he’ll dilute


August 16 Once you accept the premise that so-called experts should decide what’s best for the rest of us, the only question remaining is how to deal with people who don’t comply. (Link) We can’t vote for them The reason we vote is to select the candidate who most represents our views – if a candidate has a strong case ... Read More »

Political shots or residents’ benefits

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July 24 Residents deserve the benefits Money is a tool businesses and governments use to reach their goals. It must be used to be useful. The Council majority agreed to use money that would have lain idle for this budget cycle to fund three infrastructure projects instead. Two projects were for repair and maintenance on California and Gisler avenues in ... Read More »

Solutions without understanding


July 7 Don’t know what they don’t know In a time of universal deceit – telling the truth is a revolutionary act. George Orwell. Michael Shermer writes in a recent Scientific American column, Both income inequality and social mobility, though not as ideal as we would like them to be in the land of equal opportunity, are not as large ... Read More »

Pompous Polemics a Priority

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July 1 Easier to complain and flame A friend visited us en route to the beach. She tired of the traffic jam in Newport and re-routed to the beach in Huntington. That made us wonder, “The folks who don’t want motels and slum buildings razed to build high-end homes cite increased traffic. What actually affects our traffic congestion?” Beyond beachgoers, ... Read More »

Who’s a bigot

Infant Yawning

June 29 Prejudice illustrated We’ve enjoyed an interesting brouhaha related to prejudice in Daily Pilot remarks. There’s some irony seasoning the verbiage, too. Prejudice is any preconceived opinion or feeling, good or bad. “Red cars are cool so I know I’ll like your red Porsche. I don’t like George so I won’t believe anything he says.” This leads to bigot, ... Read More »

Confidence is inversely proportional to knowledge

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June 25 Correlation isn’t causation A few decades ago researchers noticed that patients with Type II diabetes had high blood glucose levels. Carbohydrates, or carbs, metabolize into glucose, so the advice to diabetics a few decades ago was, “avoid carbs, eat fats and proteins.” Then others noticed that heart disease patients tended to have high blood lipids and the mantra for all, ... Read More »