Thursday, July 27, 2017

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Only Two Words Matter

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Truth and Trust Volume 1504 Number 4 Contracting gets a bad rap nowadays, often well-deserved. We’ve personally dealt with contractors for two plumbing, two tile, three electrical, three minor improvement and one air conditioning project in Costa Mesa. Some contractors were courteous, others rather surly. One was an abomination in work quality as well as reliability. Two plumbers, one tile ... Read More »

Two Council meeting observations


June 20 Victims and politics Tuesday’s City Council featured “victims” commenting and officials taking political shots instead of considering the best interests of Costa Mesa. An area that has been considered an “outside of City” or “County” neighborhood, in spite of being physically inside of Costa Mesa, was considered for annexation. That might well decrease Costa Mesa’s costs for supporting ... Read More »

Comparison doesn’t work

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April 23 Dictator vs. Mayor I learned a lesson about human behavior years ago, both anecdotally and from my degree in psychology. That lesson is this: People, in order to make themselves feel superior, need to devalue, diminish and sometimes demonize others.  (Police) Lt. Jim Glennon A dictator is a ruler who does not rule through democratic means. “When people ask him how ... Read More »

This week in CM Government meetings

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Mar 23 A potentially docile and muted week A community meeting on March 25th will feature staff reviewing  the street/gutter projects that will be impeding traffic for a while to make Costa Mesa better and better. The work in North and West Costa Mesa should begin in April and last through October. Funding for this project was provided by gas tax, ... Read More »

Planning Prevents Slums

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Mar 17 Don’t build slums When we consider responses to homeless people and permanent-motel-resident families in Costa Mesa we need to plan so that our responses are effective. We can debate the relative contributions of the public and private sectors. We can advocate for more or less services. We can even argue whether “homes for the homeless” should be in ... Read More »

Guest post about trash tonight

We know — NO BID Tonight the Costa Mesa Sanitary District Board will vote, YES to give more money to their friendly trash hauler.  These are some concerns. To quote from the article “How the organics recycling program, estimated to cost about $504,000 annually, would affect rates hasn’t been determined.”   WHAT?  Wait … WHAT? Do they really do not know, ... Read More »

Spartans — or pretenders

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Dec 18 Cops who have what it takes “Circumstances don’t make the man, they only reveal him to himself.” — Epictetus Valerie Van Brocklin wrote about police officers “easing off” their efforts because of unfairness, or timidity, or brazen laziness.* A pertinent part of her article: So the question becomes: What do you do when circumstances suck? This question should be part ... Read More »

Some complain, some do the work

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Dec 10 Recap In Costa Mesa we faced a toll lanes I405 debacle; the fight against it was led by (then) Mayor Bever. The haters didn’t acknowledge his accomplishments as he organized and spearheaded and won the initial battle. Present Mayor Righeimer continued the battle to protect Costa Mesa. No thanks from the haters. Ignored the City, ignored Fairview Park ... Read More »

Liars and other folks   A brief skim through the comments after the columns and letters in the OC Register and the Daily Pilot suggests that everyone in Costa Mesa must be a liar. Over three-quarters of the comments reviewed during the last five days complain of lies told by the opposition or else brands the opposition liars. “The liar’s punishment is, not in the ... Read More »

Would you trust this candidate  with your checkbook? Today let’s look at the ethics that constrain persuasion. We’d like to think we’ve evolved beyond the ethics of the Middle Ages, where knights headed east to kill those who disagreed with them about religion, and the warriors from the Middle East headed west to do likewise. Both sides killed people, burned crops, destroyed villages – ... Read More »