Thursday, July 27, 2017


Ban Banning Bashing

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Volume 1503 Number 1 Take it away from them! We noted scattered “feel good” signs entreating us to “Save Banning Ranch.” “Banning Ranch” is a plot of seacoast land that investors thought would be appealing to homeowners. Some people believe the area should remain undeveloped for various reasons.  But the agitators don’t want to exert their effort or spend their ... Read More »

What are kids learning

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Volume 1501, Number 4 They learn by watching Young people who attended the Fairview Park Citizens Advisory Committee meeting Wednesday night learned a lot. They learned that the way to deal with those who dare disagree with you and your friends is to groan ostentatiously, catcall, and yell “liar.” And, they found the way to handle a request to refrain ... Read More »

OCWB — Desalination study

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Volume 1412, Number 7 Informational meeting well attended Oceans carry 96.5% of the earth’s water, and freshwater constitutes about 2.5%. Of that fresh water, 68.7% is locked up in ice, 30.1% is ground water (think aquifer), and the surface water we depend on to sustain life (and golf courses) makes up 1.2%. So oceans carry 96% of the water, our ... Read More »

If good cops exist . . .

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Oct 6 “I’ll believe good cops exist when they start turning in the bad.” Justin King said With all of the negative attention given to police officers lately, the public is left wondering if there are any good cops left. The bad apples seem to have spoiled the cart, but in Broward County several cops stepped forward to break the ... Read More »

Character when nobody’s watching

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Sep 29 Two faced or honest and humble In the NY Times David Brooks addressed aspects of character that apply to writers and other “thought workers.” He made a good case for a strong ethics set being necessary for a writer. “Humility is not letting your own desire for status get in the way of accuracy. He’s not writing those ... Read More »

Two meetings — very different

Sep 11 Mesa Water honors Safety Services and Military Thursday evening Mesa Water honored our police and fire departments as representatives of those who served at the Twin Towers’ bombing on this date in 2001. They also honored the Freedom Committee as representatives of the soldiers who serve and die so that we may have the freedom and opportunity to ... Read More »

Bits and pieces.


Sep 5 Wrong side of the fence and other surprises It’s been an interesting week politically. During the Fairview Park Committee meeting a liberal politician espoused a conservative viewpoint, our neighbors learned that their homeless don’t want shelters and a local candidate who promised to run a clean campaign tried to reverse an opponent’s endorsement while applying for both liberal and ... Read More »

Water and roads and pensions — oh my

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August 2 Glad we’re not in LA “With 80 percent of the State now in extreme drought, it’s imperative that we all conserve as much water as possible. The president of the Los Angeles Area Chamber of Commerce continues; “A reliable water supply is critical to the health of the State’s economy. Investing now will help L.A. and California manage ... Read More »

Costa Mesans Choose

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July 16  “A mind committed to compassion is like an overflowing reservoir – a constant source of energy, determination and kindness. This mind can also be likened to a seed; when cultivated, it gives rise to many other qualities, such as forgiveness, tolerance, inner strength, and the confidence to overcome fear and insecurity.” Dalai Lama We choose compassion — or ... Read More »

Who’s a bigot

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June 29 Prejudice illustrated We’ve enjoyed an interesting brouhaha related to prejudice in Daily Pilot remarks. There’s some irony seasoning the verbiage, too. Prejudice is any preconceived opinion or feeling, good or bad. “Red cars are cool so I know I’ll like your red Porsche. I don’t like George so I won’t believe anything he says.” This leads to bigot, ... Read More »