Monday, June 26, 2017

Good Reads

Statins and local politics

“. . . we the people — the tens of millions of people who, either way, are missing the signal and will wind up taking drugs to fix what lifestyle could fix better — lose.” This article is about healthcare, specifically a class of medicine called statins, but from a more general, and abstract perspective than most. The theory could ... Read More »

How meeting-comments should sound

Young man tells it like it is. Note that this is a comment — the comment is much different from what we hear in Costa Mesa. Instead it is organized, prepared, pertinent and insightful. (I avoided — barely — the alliterative “perspicacious.”) If our comments at City Council meetings sounded like this . . . well, even if the majority ... Read More »

Possible bad pipe, projects, hydrants with lead

Meeting should cover some interesting items: Status of current projects. Installed PVC pipe may have been defective, being studied. Reduction in lead act — a new item was slipped into the regulations regarding fire hydrants. Read More »

Public Opinion Sours on Labor Unions

Some of the negative shift could be a result of the negative tactics: in Costa Mesa, there’s public meeting childishness and profanity toward public officials, Daily Pilot insult comments, including personal and unrelated insults of other commenters, and even GPS vehicle monitoring. This article suggests a significant shift of public opinion against unions, especially public employee unions. In Costa Mesa ... Read More »

Prisoner release leads to increased larceny

“In other words, the number of former inmates on the streets has grown considerably since realignment began,” the report said. The report . . . finds the new incarceration policy increased property crime for each realigned offender who is no longer detained by 1 to 1.5 per year. Violent crime rates, according to the report, have remained steady, suggesting no ... Read More »

Don’t try to quarterback cop decisions

An excellent essay about Law Enforcement reality; Monday Morning Quarterbacking is fun. Don’t confuse it with reality, though, especially as reality impinges on police decisions. No, five years of Law and Order and Level X on a Police Patrol game don’t help you judge police decisions. If you haven’t been there, you cannot possibly imagine what the decisions really are. ... Read More »

Held responsible for accusations

I wonder if this article makes a few local bloggers and commenters nervous; both civil and criminal penalties were applied in a defamation case. Of course, they don’t have millions of dollars in assets, as far as we know. But, if it turns out that their accusations regarding the 60th Anniversary Kickoff, and about Mayor Righeimer’s management of a development ... Read More »

You “come clean” I don’t need to

Liberals were always pressing George Bush to come clean on his mistakes, as if they were a combination of an old-fashioned school marm and Cotton Mather, but they, themselves, never acknowledge their own shortcomings because they always believe they are not only right, but smarter than everyone else and invariably on the side of the angels. Thus, when their inept ... Read More »

Virginia conservatives defeat themselves

Commenting on the Virginia election for governor, blogger Bert Prelutsky noted that the Democrat nearly lost, maybe partly because of disatisfaction with ObamaCare, but: . . . Cuccinelli, who was the first state attorney general to file a lawsuit against ObamaCare, would have won if only a besotted egotist named Robert Sarvis, running as a Libertarian, had stayed home. In ... Read More »

Violence on the rise in Calif. jails following reforms

SACRAMENTO, Calif. — County jails that account for the vast majority of local inmates in California have seen a marked increase in violence since they began housing thousands of offenders who previously would have gone to state prisons. So, we reduce the inmates in state prisons by moving inmates to county jails, overcrowding them. Staff and inmate assaults decrease in ... Read More »