Thursday, July 27, 2017

Parks and Recreation

Government-supported Religion

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Volume 1504, Number 2 Look like Cults, Act like Cults “Save the …” cults* are not registered as religions but many do enjoy tax-exempt status – an important boon for religions – for other reasons. “Save the . . . “ cults can look a lot like religions, though. In some areas people suffer from debilitating, sometimes fatal, diseases consequent to ... Read More »

This week in CM Government meetings

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Mar 23 A potentially docile and muted week A community meeting on March 25th will feature staff reviewing  the street/gutter projects that will be impeding traffic for a while to make Costa Mesa better and better. The work in North and West Costa Mesa should begin in April and last through October. Funding for this project was provided by gas tax, ... Read More »

This week’s government meetings

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This week in Costa Mesa government The week looks pretty light in terms of propaganda, controversy and ill-informed noise, but that can change. On Monday the Planning Commission will consider an application for variances on a six-unit, two-story development on Miner Street, conduct a six-month review of a recycling facility on the Stater Bros. Market parking lot, review a Code ... Read More »

The week in meetings

March 3 Government meetings and fun stuff It looks like most of the action at the Council meeting Tuesday will center on the Consent Calendar. Two ordinances, mentioned in the post about the last meeting will be visited for a second reading. The same comments apply to the “rewards for information about vandalism” and the “repeal no sex offenders in ... Read More »

This week in Costa Mesa

Jan 19 This Week: Monday is a work holiday, and the Mesa Verde Golf Classic Fundraiser. This provides a lot of money for local youth, and keeps some movers and shakers, as well as a lot of folks who care about young people and youth sports, busy for most of the day. Kids benefit, the City benefits, and excuses and ... Read More »

Coyotes and Homeless

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Dec 6 Coyotes and Homeless; will similar solutions work Recent meetings and reports have emphasized the futility of trying to reduce the population of coyotes by eradication; that creates a “vacuum” that just fills back up with more coyotes.* Instead, the best way to protect our pets from coyotes (other than keeping them indoors or next to us at all ... Read More »

Explore the new features

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November 23 Explore the site, add your views  CMConserve  has added features and rearranged the page to increase its utility and make it easier to use. Try clicking on a few of the new elements — they may help you plan your day or week. New Stuff: The calendar expands to monthly view, and is updated with reference URLs as ... Read More »

What is natural

Nov 12 Define what we want We’ve seen – and heard – folks advocating “Leave Fairview Park Natural.” So far, though, that term hasn’t been defined. A local blogger suggests doing nothing whatsoever in the Park and letting “survival of the fittest” determine what grows and lives there. That’s certainly an approach to “Leave it Natural.” As it used to ... Read More »