Monday, June 26, 2017

Costa Mesa Politics

Not fair — fair isn’t real

21 Jan Fairness We’re being subjected to appeals for “fairness.” Some are focused on housing for the homeless and others on higher minimum wages – all in the interest of “fairness.” Let’s look back at the nation’s fire departments, early victims of this view of “fairness.” First, the departments didn’t have many women – few women applied. One reason they ... Read More »

Negotiate or screech

Domesticated 125

Jan 20 Negotiate change you want We’ve been startled at Walmart and Target by screeches that sound like a small animal being tortured: it was just protests from children thwarted in their desire for candy. Parents are familiar with a pre-teen’s resistance to authority; “Well you can make me clean my room but I’ll show you – I’ll take all ... Read More »

This week in Costa Mesa

Jan 19 This Week: Monday is a work holiday, and the Mesa Verde Golf Classic Fundraiser. This provides a lot of money for local youth, and keeps some movers and shakers, as well as a lot of folks who care about young people and youth sports, busy for most of the day. Kids benefit, the City benefits, and excuses and ... Read More »

Study made them feel good

Hands of Homeless Man with Change in Cup

Jan 17 Exposure but no enlightenment The homeless study session Thursday night was an exercise in exposure rather than enlightenment. Perhaps that was the idea. Attendance offered an opportunity to build personal immunity to the latest “flu bug: “at least five folks practiced their bronchial hacks and looked feverish throughout the meeting. The Mayor made brief remarks and moved to ... Read More »

Compassion or ordinance

Homeless Person

Jan 17 Helping vs. decreeing Most people who think about helping others use an idealistic perspective; “it’s the right thing to do.” Their views may have a religious underpinning. Different approaches to helping are promoted as being panaceas, however unlikely that may be. It’s rarely recognized that some logic can be applied to the issue, especially to the “how to do it” aspect. ... Read More »

Mesa Water BOD meeting

Wash Scene

Uncontroversial meeting The BOD for Mesa Water conducted their routine meeting Thursday evening. As usual, there was little that was controversial – business was conducted, visitors were treated with seemingly-sincere courtesy, and the questions raised were quickly answered. The drink of choice at the meeting – all you can drink – was local water. A question from the visitors concerned ... Read More »

First Council meeting started quieter and more polite

Whispering cats

Jan 7 Minimal whining, no screaming The first part of the City Council meeting Tuesday night was notable for the lack of acrimony. We left before the meeting ended and didn’t hear the speakers who had pulled many, many Consent items or the remaining ad hoc commenters. No consent item was pulled by a Council member, but about 12 of 17 ... Read More »

Blame is easy, understanding isn’t

Jan 7 Weave a blame blanket The less secure a man is, the more likely he is to have extreme prejudice. – Clint Eastwood A comment following an article in the Daily Pilot* illustrates ill-informed blaming. The article noted that the city park being considered as a site for a homeless housing complex had been removed from primary consideration. City staff ... Read More »

This week in Costa Mesa

Signs 08

Meetings and studies Tuesday we have a City Council meeting. It starts with a presentation by Orange County Grand Jury, a presentation by RSI on the Simon Scholar Program and a presentation by Costa Mesa High School Foundation. Consent items are usually routine matters that can be considered and voted on as a group. Examples of these include payroll, bill-paying, ... Read More »

Tea Party, present arms — and turn them in


Jan 4 Registration precedes confiscation For example, the Nazi party registered, and then collected, firearms from the Jews. Then they rounded the Jews up and sent them to “camps.” California tries to confiscate weapons from those who are no longer authorized to own them; to do this, the state uses a list of registered weapons compared to lists of people ... Read More »