Monday, June 26, 2017

Costa Mesa Politics

Propaganda and other foolishness this week  If you shout loudest you win Harold Weitzberg’s letter in the Daily Pilot 1 Sep suggests that he considers “shouting down” people who disagree with him in a Council Meeting a valid response, and one he’s proud of. “. . . And I will shout him down wherever he appears in Costa Mesa to ... Read More »

Council meeting 4 Sep no more exciting than TV  If I had attended Tuesday night’s Council meeting for its entertainment value I’d have been disappointed.  However, I attended hoping to watch responsible adults conduct Costa Mesa’s business, and was pleasantly surprised! I saw cooperation, compromise and adult behavior – on the dais, anyway. And the silly and embarrassing effluence that ... Read More »

Meeting the Candidates   Meeting the candidates — and other Council Members —  has been ongoing. My initial contact was at an in-home meeting about the charter, which I attended in July as a representative of a homeowners’ association. First the scary ones Mayor pro tem Jim Righeimer was reputed to be abrupt and abrasive, often rude, and very pushy, ... Read More »

Police Pay We’ve been hearing a lot about police pay; too much or not enough? Is there an answer? Surely, a sworn officer who promises to serve and protect me, who runs toward danger to keep me safe – surely she deserves adequate pay. That officer must understand and use significant chunks of law to make decisions, often almost instantly. She ... Read More »

The 600 – pound Gorilla Now about that 600 pound gorilla that no one wants to mention. This critter symbolizes two issues that are fueling the diatribe. And, those are the issues that are triggering propaganda, misinformation and out-and-out lies in the campaign advertising. Charter isn’t perfect Please don’t misunderstand me, here. I think, from reading the proposed charter quite ... Read More »

Why  is it necessary to mislead us 2 (updated)? (Please note that this blog addresses a post on the CM4RG website that has been moved and replaced with a “plain vanilla” version of the arguments.) This is the second of a series in response to CM4RG’s website posting of an article by Terry Koken, WHY THE CHARTER IS A BAD ... Read More »

Why is it necessary to mislead us? (updated) (Please note that this blog addresses a post on the CM4RG website that has been moved and replaced with a “plain vanilla” version of the arguments.)If the proposed City Charter poses danger to Costa Mesa, shouldn’t we be able to see that danger  if we read it? In this CM4RG website’s post, WHY THE ... Read More »

City Council meeting 21 August Crime around Lions’ Park Speakers addressed the council regarding increasing crime in the Lions’ Park area, citing residents and guests of two motels, and other transients, as being ongoing crime and safety concerns. “Shooting up” in the dumpster and in a grocery’s restroom was frequently mentioned. The residents and property owners were concerned the area ... Read More »

Meeting Weitzberg Harold Weitzberg, sponsored a coffee/get acquainted on his front lawn. He said I should vote for him because Costa Mesa has a financial problem and his solutions insure unity, safety, and prosperity, his theme.  He noted that a charter might be needed to free us from Sacramento control, but not this one because it presents too many dangers. His ... Read More »