Monday, June 26, 2017

Costa Mesa Politics

Water and roads and pensions — oh my

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August 2 Glad we’re not in LA “With 80 percent of the State now in extreme drought, it’s imperative that we all conserve as much water as possible. The president of the Los Angeles Area Chamber of Commerce continues; “A reliable water supply is critical to the health of the State’s economy. Investing now will help L.A. and California manage ... Read More »

Political shots or residents’ benefits

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July 24 Residents deserve the benefits Money is a tool businesses and governments use to reach their goals. It must be used to be useful. The Council majority agreed to use money that would have lain idle for this budget cycle to fund three infrastructure projects instead. Two projects were for repair and maintenance on California and Gisler avenues in ... Read More »

Watching you — too

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July 21 Big brother knows and tells A murder suspect was identified by a “technology contractor” monitoring his online activity. It’s not catching a murderer that’s disquieting, though. The article states:  “(Investigator) Simmons revealed for the first time the trail of evidence that led police to suspect (Joy of committing murder):  “Over the next days, police . . . searched ... Read More »

Understand the question first

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July 17  Heads or tails Flip a coin 1000 times — the results should tend toward 500 heads. So if you watch carefully and this time the coin has shown 300 heads and 699 tails, should you expect another tails “because it’s a trend?” Or should you expect a heads “because it’s overdue?” There’s a 50% chance of a heads ... Read More »

No women — bothered

July 15 Where are the women Why aren’t more women running for public office? There’s a candidate for County Supervisor who is doing very well, leading the pack of office-seekers. Her very successful campaign so far demonstrates that planning and experience work for those who seek office — male or female. Why don’t we have more women interested in Costa Mesa City Council? There ... Read More »

More fun to scream injustice than to lend a hand


July 10 They know not — of what they speak  We’re hearing more nonsense – deliberate nonsense we think – about freedom of expression.  It starts with anguished cries that the Mayor is stifling First Amendment (of the U.S. Constitution) rights by specifying that “free range” speakers limit comments to three minutes and speak during specified periods at Council meetings. ... Read More »

Freedom (only) if you agree

July 12 A few stand up for beliefs  “It’s discouraging to think how many people are shocked by honesty and how few by deceit.” Noel Coward There’s an interesting example of hypocrisy developing in Costa Mesa commentary. A blogger and the usual crew of chronic complainers decry their supposed “loss of freedom of expression.” However, supporting the freedom of others is ... Read More »

Solutions without understanding


July 7 Don’t know what they don’t know In a time of universal deceit – telling the truth is a revolutionary act. George Orwell. Michael Shermer writes in a recent Scientific American column, Both income inequality and social mobility, though not as ideal as we would like them to be in the land of equal opportunity, are not as large ... Read More »

Propaganda coming back

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July 6 Fear or facts In an opinion piece in the OC Register Kareem Abdul-Jabbar says about sports, “We prize values over veneration.” In contrast, propaganda prizes results over values. One propaganda technique is the “big lie,” described in Adolf Hitler’s Mien Kampf. Essentially, he said that a big lie repeated endlessly will resonate in the “primitive simplicity of their ... Read More »

Pot or not

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July 3 What are consequences? Legalizing marijuana in California is one focus of the State Legislature. Perhaps we should reflect on a legal intoxicant we’re all familiar with – alcohol — and try to anticipate the consequences of adding legal marijuana use to our culture. CDC tells us (article): “Excessive alcohol consumption is known to kill about 88,000 people in ... Read More »