Monday, June 26, 2017

Costa Mesa Politics

Pompous Polemics a Priority

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July 1 Easier to complain and flame A friend visited us en route to the beach. She tired of the traffic jam in Newport and re-routed to the beach in Huntington. That made us wonder, “The folks who don’t want motels and slum buildings razed to build high-end homes cite increased traffic. What actually affects our traffic congestion?” Beyond beachgoers, ... Read More »

Who’s a bigot

Infant Yawning

June 29 Prejudice illustrated We’ve enjoyed an interesting brouhaha related to prejudice in Daily Pilot remarks. There’s some irony seasoning the verbiage, too. Prejudice is any preconceived opinion or feeling, good or bad. “Red cars are cool so I know I’ll like your red Porsche. I don’t like George so I won’t believe anything he says.” This leads to bigot, ... Read More »

(More) Acute exacerbation of chronic nonsense

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June 23 Don’t think — just insult the commenter “Those who can make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities.” Voltaire Alinsky’s RULE 10 advises agitators to “push a negative hard enough — it will push through and become a positive.” In the past it described provoking management into making violent responses that aroused sympathy for the union organizers. ... Read More »

Feminist and think-less examples

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June 22 More idle thoughts  A prominent woman who identifies herself as conservative feminist asserts (here): . . . But the current feminist movement seems more interested in furthering classic sexist gender roles, with women as trembling flowers getting stomped on by big mean boys, and (views) progressive feminism as the chivalrous White Knight. And a quote from a local commentary ... Read More »

Two Council meeting observations


June 20 Victims and politics Tuesday’s City Council featured “victims” commenting and officials taking political shots instead of considering the best interests of Costa Mesa. An area that has been considered an “outside of City” or “County” neighborhood, in spite of being physically inside of Costa Mesa, was considered for annexation. That might well decrease Costa Mesa’s costs for supporting ... Read More »

Much ado by the uninformed

Whispering cats

June 14 They are lying knaves We’ve heard some interesting – silly but interesting — comments lately. One point pontificated is, “I’d rather have boots on the ground than potholes fixed.” What solid mental imagery, with a serious-sounding idea – and completely foolish. Apparently we have commenters in Costa Mesa who don’t engage their minds before opening their mouths. Determining ... Read More »

Council meeting observations

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June 5 Left side, right side While waiting for a commenter to complete his pontifical* (and footnoted!) remarks we noted that the two sides of the room attracted different people. Gum-chewing and angry expressions dominated on the left side (as seen from the entrance), and smiles and handshakes were more common on the right. During the commentary, behaviors separated the ... Read More »

Comments as “selfies”


June 4 IQ – or “see me?” ”The term IQ, or Intelligence Quotient, generally describes a score on a test that rates the subject’s cognitive ability as compared to the general population. With this in mind, comments suggest IQ may not be the dominant driver of Daily Pilot remarks (here). For example, on the subject of a motel converting to apartments: ... Read More »

Don’t vote for the icky one

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May 31 Foolish voting criteria We’ve read a lot of criticism about reasons for specific votes; how stupid (women) voted for Kennedy because he was handsome and equally stupid men voted against him because he was Catholic. The same could be said for voting for Obama because he is black, or against Romney because he is Mormon. Elections don’t determine ... Read More »

Pathological altruism

Hands of Homeless Man with Change in Cup

May 30 Avoid the road to self-destruction “The road to hell is paved with good intentions.” Aphorism of unknown origin. Barbara Oakley, an associate professor in engineering wrote a paper about “pathological altruism.” It was featured in a Wall Street Journal opinion piece. (Here) “Empathy,” Oakley notes, “is not a uniformly positive attribute. As an example she notes: “Ostensibly well-meaning ... Read More »