Thursday, July 27, 2017

Critical Thinking

Only Two Words Matter

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Truth and Trust Volume 1504 Number 4 Contracting gets a bad rap nowadays, often well-deserved. We’ve personally dealt with contractors for two plumbing, two tile, three electrical, three minor improvement and one air conditioning project in Costa Mesa. Some contractors were courteous, others rather surly. One was an abomination in work quality as well as reliability. Two plumbers, one tile ... Read More »

Government-supported Religion

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Volume 1504, Number 2 Look like Cults, Act like Cults “Save the …” cults* are not registered as religions but many do enjoy tax-exempt status – an important boon for religions – for other reasons. “Save the . . . “ cults can look a lot like religions, though. In some areas people suffer from debilitating, sometimes fatal, diseases consequent to ... Read More »

Banning Bashing revisited

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How rather than what Normally we don’t answer personal questions – personal beliefs aren’t often relevant to the logic of the ideas discussed. However, “What do you personally think about development of the Banning Ranch?” does introduce an important political perspective. First of all, the point to the post was neither the value of Banning Ranch nor the advisability of ... Read More »

Ban Banning Bashing

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Volume 1503 Number 1 Take it away from them! We noted scattered “feel good” signs entreating us to “Save Banning Ranch.” “Banning Ranch” is a plot of seacoast land that investors thought would be appealing to homeowners. Some people believe the area should remain undeveloped for various reasons.  But the agitators don’t want to exert their effort or spend their ... Read More »

Research vs. slogans

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Volume 1501, Number 12 Don’t shoot I’m Black Often what we know “ain’t necessarily so.” Media articles would have us believe that police are anxious to shoot Black subjects. And we might believe that cops carry lots of equipment to help them do a better job. In reality, Cops are more reluctant to shoot Black subjects and more likely to ... Read More »

Slow targets are easier

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Volume 1501, Number 11 Why pick on them? We received a provocative, anonymous question:  “Why don’t you criticize the idiotic comments by pro Mayor “chronic commenters??” We looked back at the posts of eight commenters, tallied as either “pro” or “anti” Mayor. Individually they may not be absolutist in their views. One (pro Mayor) commenter made a lot of well-reasoned ... Read More »

Hyenas and pseudomonas

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Volume 1501, Number 10 Changing our science thinking  Most of us believe that hyenas are pretty well programmed to scavenge carrion. If the environment changes, such as in areas where hunting bans appear, hyenas begin to hunt game and livestock and start ignoring the carrion. (Without hunting in the delineated areas the lion numbers increase, the prey declines, then most ... Read More »

“…in reality, we are very rich.”


Volume 1501, Number 8 Time goes only forward Time won’t reverse for us. And the City won’t either Stephen Hawking notes from the perspective of his brilliance that time, for us, flows in only one direction. His math and reasoning support his premise. Some remember when Costa Mesa had fewer businesses and homes, and kids could ride their bikes out ... Read More »

They can’t believe that


Volume 1501, Number 7 Filling idle time  While cooling our heels we occupied ourselves by dissecting an example of the type of thinking so common in Costa Mesa. We recommend the activity to readers who have idle moments. K. Findley, a “Top Commenter” for the Daily Pilot wrote:  “It doesn’t seem to be effective to attend the meetings. Monahan, Righiemer ... Read More »

Angry, misguided — and wrong again

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Volume, Number 7 Meandering and minutia Some who attend the Fairview Park Citizens Advisory Committee meetings are supposedly irate. “The great majority wants a ‘natural’ park and no development but the committee ignores them.” Nonsense. The 24 regular visitors we’ve identified who show up for most or all meetings are not representative of 110,000 Costa Mesans. (More attendees show up ... Read More »