Monday, June 26, 2017

Critical Thinking

Accusing isn’t disagreeing

Mar 3 Honorable men, right or wrong The Mayor is an honorable man whether you agree with his actions or not. He’s an ethical man whether you like his often blunt, sometimes rude comments to the uniformed and illogical. (Have you noticed that he’s not rude, in Council meetings, in Meet the Mayor’s, or in chance encounters – when he’s ... Read More »

We have honorable officials


Mar 2 Names and accusations ignore reality Costa Mesans have been drenched with more accusations of corruption and dishonesty than rain this year. Whether the targets were the Mayor or the CMPD, the attacks have been frequent and often vicious. But accurate? Nope. For example, the Mayor (and the Pro Tem) have been accused of everything from taking bribes to ... Read More »

Locals stealing firefighters’ tools

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Mar 2 Why thievery instead of neighborliness Four Costa Mesa families were displaced Tuesday night when a fire ripped through their apartment complex . . .Bystanders created an unusual distraction for authorities on the scene, officials said, when some apparently tried to steal firefighting equipment by taking items off the fire trucks parked along the street and hiding them in ... Read More »


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Feb 28 Are the officers the union We’re hearing a lot of nonsense about how the (police) officers are the union. This is usually in regard to the Mayor suing the union. That’s true enough; Law Enforcement Officers are members of the union. However, they are acting in a different role when they are governing their Union. Remember, the union ... Read More »

Guest post about trash tonight

We know — NO BID Tonight the Costa Mesa Sanitary District Board will vote, YES to give more money to their friendly trash hauler.  These are some concerns. To quote from the article “How the organics recycling program, estimated to cost about $504,000 annually, would affect rates hasn’t been determined.”   WHAT?  Wait … WHAT? Do they really do not know, ... Read More »

New week, no outbursts scheduled

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Feb 24 This week in Costa Mesa Government This coming week is again fraught with the danger that government meetings will be relatively calm and dignified. There’s potential for strife, though – youth sports fields and charter provisions! Our Calendar and the City website will have updated information about this weeks events in Costa Mesa. The Planning Commission meets at ... Read More »

Compare police jobs

Feb 17 Law Enforcement Jobs There are a lot of jobs for Police Officers now, as the economy improves. LEOs (Law Enforcement Officers), like all professionals, use criteria they find personally important when they look for new jobs. For example, an officer might seek a rugged, self-sufficient atmosphere and look at Juneau, Alaska. Or she might want to maximize opportunity ... Read More »

This week

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Feb 16 This week in Costa Mesa Government This week in government shouldn’t lead to very many signs, songs or secret signals and handshakes. It may be a peaceful week. Most of the committee/commission meetings are concerned with routine business. As usual, those who would like to prepare for the meetings can link to agendas and their related staff studies. See the calendar. ... Read More »

Forced treatment or not

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Feb 12 How much are we helping We believe that advocates for supplying free housing to all of Costa Mesa’s homeless haven’t adequately addressed several issues. One such issue is the group of homeless who are “mentally ill.” Some of these poor folks don’t remember to pick up or to take their medications. Others don’t want to take their medications ... Read More »

Who do they follow

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Jan 9 Their guidelines define them James 1:26 “If anyone thinks he is religious and does not bridle his tongue but deceives his heart, this person’s religion is worthless.” We usually enjoy talking to people who apply this scripture. Their context is doing what is right within their society, to benefit the society and the individuals. After all, as Bert ... Read More »