Monday, June 26, 2017

Critical Thinking

OCWB — Desalination study

yellowstone lake

Volume 1412, Number 7 Informational meeting well attended Oceans carry 96.5% of the earth’s water, and freshwater constitutes about 2.5%. Of that fresh water, 68.7% is locked up in ice, 30.1% is ground water (think aquifer), and the surface water we depend on to sustain life (and golf courses) makes up 1.2%. So oceans carry 96% of the water, our ... Read More »

“Harassment” Lawsuit — Inaccurate

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Volume 1412, Number 4 Misguided Advocacy We read an interesting observation from a journalist. Barbara Venezia has done some good and some great work for the Daily Pilot and the OC Register. So we don’t know what drove this drivel: “And what about the much-publicized, ongoing lawsuit initiated by Mayor Steve Mensinger and Mayor Pro Tem Jim Righeimer against the ... Read More »

Power Gauntlet Thrown

Lion Yawning

Volume 1412, number 2 Who will win the duel Power is defined, in academic circles, as the ability to influence the behavior of people. We will define it here as “the ability to get things done by influencing people.” We observed a subtle and interesting challenge for power during the installation of Costa Mesa’s new Council members. Incoming Councilwoman Katrina ... Read More »

Sounds good — but wrong

Whispering cats

Volume 1412, number 1 It ain’t necessarily so In-training doctors exhibit “Intern Syndrome” in which they jump to conclusions and start treatment before they have a real diagnosis. One example is the intern who orders an appendectomy for a female, 16 year-old patient with increasing abdominal (right lower quadrant) pain, a mild fever and local tenderness, including rebound tenderness. It’s ... Read More »

Pot pourri

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Nov 30 Unanswered Questions Did you see what (fill in the blank) wrote (or said) about you?  No. We don’t let others define who we are so we’re interested only in the opinions of those we respect. We admire reason, integrity and honesty and eschew irrational, illogical, and silly diatribe, so we tend to ignore the comments of fools and ... Read More »

Back in Operation

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Nov 29 The hiatus is over CM Conserve will resume publishing on Monday, the first of December. There will be a few changes: 1. Names will be used when needed for clarity. We have tried to avoid calling attention to specific people for their errors of fact or lack of reasoning so we could concentrate on the errors. After all, ... Read More »

Hears the message, doesn’t agree

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Pay attention — I’m making noise  Oct 13 This study found that: Students distracted by electronic devices perform at the same level as those who are focused on the lecture Conclusions. Every class member felt that they acquired the important learning points during the lecture. Those who were distracted by electronic devices during the lecture performed similarly to those who were ... Read More »

Income inequality fallacies

Hands of Homeless Man with Change in Cup

Oct 8 Causes of Income Inequality are clear  Friedrich Nietzsche neatly encapsulated the differences between socialism and capitalism when he wrote: “The craving for equality can express itself as a desire to pull everyone down to our own level or as a desire to raise ourselves up along with everyone else.” We read an interesting article about the reality of ... Read More »

If good cops exist . . .

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Oct 6 “I’ll believe good cops exist when they start turning in the bad.” Justin King said With all of the negative attention given to police officers lately, the public is left wondering if there are any good cops left. The bad apples seem to have spoiled the cart, but in Broward County several cops stepped forward to break the ... Read More »

Character when nobody’s watching

Gulls jealous

Sep 29 Two faced or honest and humble In the NY Times David Brooks addressed aspects of character that apply to writers and other “thought workers.” He made a good case for a strong ethics set being necessary for a writer. “Humility is not letting your own desire for status get in the way of accuracy. He’s not writing those ... Read More »