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Monthly Archives: September 2012

Catching up for the weekend  Charter, again and more We’ve discussed how a Charter can be developed before, but the wave of nonsense seems to return. A charter is an initiative, and, like all initiatives, can be proposed by citizens (a percentage of registered voters agree it should be on the next ballot) or by the City Council. Then we, the ... Read More »

Charter — or Legislature — or Committee? Earlier we found that public employee labor organizations are likely to view the Charter as problematic. They’re the ones pointing fingers and crying, “It’s a dangerous charter, it leaves too much unsaid, it’s scary, it will take away rights . . .   Do labor unions actually have much power? After all, it’s primarily ... Read More »

More Charter Chat There’s a lot about the differences between Charter and General Law cities available from the nonpartisan California League of Cities at: The City site has the link under Charter Measures, too. Benefits accrue how? The primary benefit of a charter, as we’ve seen in earlier blogs, is that “charter cities have supreme authority over ‘municipal affairs.’” That is, ... Read More »

National propaganda is like Costa Mesa’s  While surveying local campaigns for propaganda techniques I was amazed by the national “Straw Man” deluge in today’s politics. Straw Man, you remember, is creating an image, a “scarecrow” so to speak, to attack, and then assuming victory in the debate because the imaginary opponent was vanquished. Disprove the Trickle-Down Theory today! Have you ... Read More »

Propaganda in opinion pieces In previous blogs we’ve studied examples of propaganda. Today let’s expand our search from news and blogs to opinion pieces. We’ll consider a column and a letter to the editor, both in September issues of the Daily Pilot. Defense criticized for what’s missing Candidate Monahan wrote, in a Pilotcommentary defending the Charter: …I can think of ... Read More »

Charter Chat     There’s so much Charter debate – and misinformation – spewing into Costa Mesa’s news and views now. Good? Bad? Both? Let’s take a look at the Charter, in a blog or three. Just what does it actually say? What’s it all about? First, there are two types of city government under California State Law: Charter Cities ... Read More »

I’d have whipped him, that’s for sure (updated) Remember being in Junior High School when a (fist) fight was anticipated? Most often one party didn’t show and the other swaggered around (secretly relieved) throwing punches at an imaginary opponent and daring the opponent to come out and fight. The Anti-M candidates (Genis, Weitzberg, and Stephens) are really, really, ready to ... Read More »

There’s a right way to display Flag customs and courtesies are simple. For example, when the flag is displayed over a street, it should be hung vertically, with the union to the north or east. If the flag is suspended over a sidewalk, the flag’s union should be farthest from the building. If there are others present When flown with ... Read More »

Found another blog (Updated 21 Sep) Today I was checking the news and some of the more irrational blogs surveying propaganda techniques used in this election, and I found a new blog. Actually, I was referred to it by a hysterical, semi-homophobic outburst from a regular blogger.   Fear and loathing in the cauldron After reading this in Geoff West’s ... Read More »

“They stole our place on the patio!” Apparently a local blogger has taken his intimidation classes seriously.  Before the Council meeting last night, Geoff was upset that another group set their table in the place that his CM4RG (I think that’s the correct acronym and name) usually uses. So, he scowled, and mumbled incomprehensible comments as he photographed them. Huh! ... Read More »