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Monthly Archives: November 2012

Six Decades of Costa Mesa  It’s time to start thinking about Costa Mesa’s 60th anniversary.  Our 50th   anniversary celebration was named “CostAmazing.” What should we call the 60th? There’s sure to be a contest, so let’s start thinking of a good name now. We’ll get some extra think-time in. The City announced today that the committee would accept applications for ... Read More »

Mixed response to Righeimer’s declaration  Righeimer’s announcement that he would move to withdraw the remaining “pink slips“ generated controversy and interest.  First, Employees Union CEO Bernardino reached out to City government at the Council meeting offering cooperation in solving the City’s woes. Few of Righeimer‘s supporters criticized his decision in blog or newspaper comments, although some expressed reservations and even ... Read More »

We’re sixty next year  Costa Mesa will be celebrating 60 years as a city next year – we were incorporated in 1953! So for this blog we’ll interrupt our solemn (mostly) examinations of procedure and propaganda to effervesce a little. A committee The City Administration, under the direction of the City Council, will be soliciting members for a committee to ... Read More »

This blog’s perspectives  Now we know a little about who lives in Costa Mesa and where they work, so we can start from a common knowledge base. The next step is to understand the assumptions, or the world view, of this blog. That will help explain why we suggest a particular approach to a challenge in future entries. Assumptions For ... Read More »

How Costa Mesa fits into the  State and County  After that brief look at Costa Mesa’s history, let’s see where “The City of the Arts” fits in California demographics Costa Mesa’s population is above the average; 117,178 compared to 66,735 for the average California city. Most cities average 101:1 ratios of residents to city employees, compared to our 155:1. So, ... Read More »

A bit of Costa Mesa history  A bit of history and demographics might provide a good background for understanding present day Costa Mesa. Way back A classic adventure novel was published in 1840, Two Years before the Mast, by Dana. It was the story of a youth who “went to sea” as a common seaman in a commercial sailing vessel ... Read More »

Post election, the plan is . .  We’ve learned a lot about political campaigns in Costa Mesa, and discussed some of the propaganda techniques in use. The election is over, so the effects of both propaganda and rational discourse are known. The next question this blog will address, is how does city government work, and who is involved in making it work. ... Read More »

The campaign ended,  but the aftermath can be bitter  We’re about done with the widespread acrimony, name-calling and accusations of perfidy in Costa Mesa. At least for a couple more years. Some good from it This election has been productive in several ways. For one thing, more people have become passionately involved in issues concerning the City. The use of social ... Read More »

         Cop bucks   We’ll revisit the issue of police pay vs. police value today, in spite of the fact that a concrete answer is impossible. But we citizens control the checkbook so we have to make a “guesstimate.” First, what is the value of a cop’s service to a citizen of Costa Mesa? Police are sworn ... Read More »

Liars and other folks   A brief skim through the comments after the columns and letters in the OC Register and the Daily Pilot suggests that everyone in Costa Mesa must be a liar. Over three-quarters of the comments reviewed during the last five days complain of lies told by the opposition or else brands the opposition liars. “The liar’s punishment is, not in the ... Read More »