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Monthly Archives: December 2012

Live numb, blame the tool,       deny personal responsibility During this holiday season, as hyperactive commerce envelops vicarious horror, let’s stop to consider that horror. Is it new? Can we stop violence by regulating citizens’ access to tools that can be misused to cause horror? Why is there so much violence now? It’s been happening for long time About the ... Read More »

Who ya gonna’ Call in CMPD  Whether we need information about local laws or want to get police assistance for something that is troubling us, we can find the door to the Police Station an entry into a world of strange terms and abrupt personnel. “Just the facts, ma’am,” Sergeant Friday’s iconic phrase, is what they imply. Before we can ... Read More »

Hypocrisy and Prejudice —against Fitzpatrick  Let’s take a look at prejudice and hypocrisy today. The term prejudice refers to preconceived, usually unfavorable, judgments toward a person because of personal characteristics, such as gender, social class, or ethnicity. It’s also defined as a “feeling, favorable or unfavorable, toward a person . . . not based on, actual experience.” Prejudiceis used to prove ... Read More »

Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year to all This is a holiday season for us, and for some of us, this season offers a reminder of religious messages. Perhaps the season provokes reflection, and will lead us to understanding, maybe even to wisdom. But, we are here only because “some rough men” are “out there” protecting us. Some of the ... Read More »

Election final, candidates seated  Costa Mesa’s election results were stabilized and certified, ending the campaign in time for Thanksgiving.  The why’s of the voting will be debated for years, but the effects of the voting are just starting. Results breakdown The Anti’s – Genis, Stephens, and Weitzberg, were supported directly by the local advocacy group CM4RG and government employee unions, ... Read More »

Call ’em cops   We call them a lot of things; Police Officers, Cops, Sworn Officers, Policemen (and Policewomen). And, of course there’s the acronym for Pride, Integrity, Guts often used by the ignorant as a pejorative. They are the “Blue Wall” that separates us as citizens of a law-based society from the barbarians. That is, they are what stand ... Read More »

Council installs new members, updated  The Council meeting Tuesday evening was an interesting study in timing. As expected, the Council majority elected two of their members as Mayor and Mayor Pro Tem.  And, as expected, the anti-everything group, fielded a slate of speakers, mostly members of CM4RG (see Blog 10 Oct); fortunately their resident singer only brought a CD of ... Read More »