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Monthly Archives: January 2013

Rigorous Leadership, the “Riggy” way   The Council Meeting last night was another example of effective political leadership. It ran (for a Council meeting) smoothly, items were discussed thoroughly, and the Mayor’s power was wielded judiciously. The approach Righeimer seems to be following emphasizes the positive. For example, his “Mayor’s Awards” were given sufficient time and praised folks in Costa ... Read More »

They just don’t get it   Some folks still don’t “get it.” The Council Meeting last night, followed by pundit comments today, illustrates a very confused view of politics. Politics is very different from Glee Club or a Church Picnic. How it works Let’s review how elected government works – or is supposed to. First, a majority is elected. That ... Read More »

We’re gonna’ spend. . . updated  Let’s start our look at Costa Mesa’s finances with a simplified survey of our debt. We’ll try to relate the finances to a home budget; some folks have criticized comparing the City budget to a business’s because “the City doesn’t make a profit.” If we survey what we owe, and when it’s due, we’ll see how ... Read More »

Numbers, statistics and dollars  There are two kinds of statistics, the kind you look up and the kind you make up. Rex Stout, Author As we start a new year, many of us are worried about numbers; the numbers in our paycheck, the numbers in our bills, and even the numbers in Costa Mesa’s budget. Do we have enough money ... Read More »

You never know what might happen  The City Council meeting last night was a good example of “you never know.” The “Bully” and “Angry guy” Righeimer  and the “Bully” Mensinger acted beyond their authority, pressuring a developer for concessions. And, as we’ve seen throughout recent history, they acted on behalf of constituents. The usual Nay-Sayers said much less than usual. And all of ... Read More »

Hubris in the house  We’ve noticed some comments following articles about members of the City Council. In particular, we’ve noticed that many of the folks who used to be opposed to just about everything are now “suspicious” and “unconvinced.” They are wary about nearly every positive statement – or attribute – about or from Mensinger and Righeimer, the Mayor and Mayor ProTem. Perhaps ... Read More »

No armor like ignorance    Against logic there is no armor like ignorance. Laurence J. Peter When friends no-bid. . .  We’ve seen lots of articles and comments about the non-bid, “Evergreen” contract Costa Mesa’s Sanitation folks have endorsed. (Evergreen contracts are automatically renewed without review. The elected officials responsible for Costa Mesa’s money don’t have to bother to evaluate what ... Read More »