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Monthly Archives: February 2013

Meet the Mayor Thursday Night (updated) The first Meet the Mayor event filled the backroom at Pitfire Artisan Pizza, with 20-30 folks enjoying the pizza and drinks provided. The important part of Meet the Mayor was the chance to ask questions, of course.  Righeimer passed out T-shirts, sweatshirts, and hats to those who asked questions. Even the confrontational questioners received gifts. ... Read More »

More debt than income — and worse  Previously we discussed the debts Costa Mesa faces from unfunded pensions. Money, mostly supplied by Costa Mesa with a much lesser amount from employee contributions is given to CalPers to invest.The employees’ pensions are drawn from the invested funds. Pension amounts are guaranteed as a percentage of total pay during the final year of employment. This ... Read More »

Council leadership, subtle and direct  Last night’s City Council meeting was extended but productive. We found that a stack made from just one copy of each public document concerning the meeting measured over 1 ½ inches. So, there was lots of homework for the Council – and for citizens. Digital agenda and staff reports are available on the city’s web ... Read More »

What happens without oversight Last weekend the OC Register Watchdog focused on school board bonds issued to avoid oversight by state legislators, and more importantly, by the citizens who will have to pay for the bonds. The bonds are like mortgages; the principal, which is the amount borrowed, and the interest, must be repaid. Over a 30 year home loan ... Read More »

Three ways to use money to make money – and other City pension matters  If you have some money as a “stake” or “bankroll” you can make money by playing poker. You need skill, insight, and courage, but most of all self-discipline. You bet when the odds are in your favor and don’t when the odds are against you — ... Read More »

Fairview Park Riparian Addition  About 50 of the neighbors living on the “Lower Bird” streets were treated to a “pre-opening” tour of the Fairview Park Wetlands addition. John Manly put the “early” tour together. Great use of the “Nextdoor” neighbor alert system.City officials including Mayor Pro Tem Steve Mensinger attended. Public Services Director Ernesto Munoz and Senior Engineer Bart Mejia ... Read More »

Mid-year Budget Review Against logic there is no armor like ignorance.Laurence J. Peter US educator & writer (1919 – 1988)  This Blog entry is an overview of how the City’s finances are doing halfway through our fiscal year. (Here) The news is pretty good, but the risk of debacle is significant. However, some of the Council Members demonstrate fiscal maturity, ... Read More »

Council Meeting 5 Feb  Last night’s City Council meeting was thought-provoking and enlightening – with surprises. Council Member Genis is starting to look like a savvy pro. A developing force to be reckoned with Genis’ de Novo (from the beginning or start over) motion completely reversed all three Planning Board appointments made during the last meeting. The first two seats ... Read More »

We have met the enemy and he ignores reality Sometimes we, as a society, seem determined to defeat ourselves. We adopt a policy that sounds good, and peaceful, and environmentally-enhancing – but one that actually destroys our surroundings and increases pain, crime, hunger, and sometimes evil. We ignore experts and defeat ourselves in our haste to do something that sounds good ... Read More »