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Monthly Archives: March 2013

Man bites dog Journalism School teaches that one way an item is considered newsworthy is if it is unusual: Dog Bites Man isn’t newsworthy, but Man Bites Dog is. Using that criteria, Meet the Mayor, during which Mayor Righeimer explains plans and progress and answers questions from the audience is just normal. For Costa Mesa, anyway. For the news media, ... Read More »

That makes no sense  Some ideas are so irrational they befuddle a rational mind. Here are a few from current news. Food stamp benefits are designed to help the less-fortunate, who are temporarily unproductive, with taxpayer-supported vouchers for food. They are issued as well to people in the country illegally who are not paying taxes, and not financially productive. However, ... Read More »

I assume but do not know  Let’s take another look at differences between what we perceive and what is factual. We’ll use the proposed charter that drew so much out-of-town money to Costa Mesa to defeat it. All power in only three votes During the last election we saw warnings about how the “charter puts all of the power in ... Read More »

Homeless baggage and the General Plan We survived another interesting Council meeting last night, although, again, a long one. Perhaps the City could accommodate citizens watching their government in action with a “Council Meeting Survival Kit.” It should include water, especially for those who wish to comment on every item. Another essential is a Foley (urinary) catheter kit so observers ... Read More »

Time to drop hate, rely on facts  Some people let the labels they apply to others color their own thinking. And, they use their hatred, usually unfounded hatred, as a lens to view those they hate. For example, Nazis labeled the Jews avaricious and hated them for “corrupting the Fatherland.” That justified confiscating Jewish property and ultimately, genocide. But the ... Read More »

Feel good, wreak havoc    Now for a little more “feel good while we wreak havoc” nonsense. For and against fracking flics There’s a Limousine Liberal“documentary” out that shows how fracking destroys the countryside. (Fracking is using hydraulic pressure to crack rocks containing oil or gas, and displace the fuel with a liquid, such as water. It’s been used in ... Read More »

Spoke too soon   We thought that the last Council meeting presaged a change toward reasoned commentary. Not so. The emotional – and either irrational or irrelevant or both – claptrap returned Friday. It’s in a letter and commentary published in the Daily Pilot. Sadly, some of the babble came from a Council member. (Article here ) Cartoon means Council ... Read More »

Well it sounds right More about the stark contrast between what we are sure is true, and what the facts indicate. Medical misinterpretation A big area for misinformation is medical studies. Some educators are calling for changes to Medical School curriculums to insure that future doctors can interpret statistics and studies. If they depend on the drug rep for their ... Read More »

Uninformed babbling about guns and stuff  We’re revisiting beliefs that some people hold firmly, in spite of evidence to the contrary. Babbling about more cops We talked about the belief that more cops equals less crime in the last issue. Briefly, if a city has a very-much under strength police force, this belief can be valid. However, in most cases, more cops ... Read More »

Sounds good but it ain’t true  More about the discordance between what we believe and what the facts indicate. Last night’s Council meeting provided some examples of babbling about beliefs that are contrary to the best current information. Positive meeting First though, this was a relatively-positive meeting. Comments were generally courteous and commenters generally dealt with City Council issues. Most ... Read More »