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Monthly Archives: April 2013

Mixed selection The Charter study session Tuesday evening was a demonstration of rudeness, unruliness, failure to read the material before speaking, routine and expected commentary, and finally a demonstration of an honorable man, who happens to also be a politician. It also was well-run. Costa Mesa is fortunate to have a thoughtful, thinking, and effective City Council. The complainers complained ... Read More »

Charter Chat II More about charters The City of Murrieta, with a slightly smaller population (~103K vs. ~109K in 2010) wrote this about charters: …a knowledgeable, involved electorate should both propel and constrain the direction of its own city. Local control has always been a paramount matter of residents, businesses and the Murrieta City Council. Yet state legislators and previous ... Read More »

Odds and ends   Potpourri to catch up before the weekend Water Boarding We’ve been reading (suspicious or paranoid, take your pick) articles about the “sinister” activities of the Water Board. So, we were interested to hear James R. Fisler, President of the Mesa Water District Board of Directors, speak at a CM Chamber of Commerce breakfast Thursday morning. Specifically, he ... Read More »

Leadership and Management The Council meeting last night was busy and productive. It invited revisiting a “leadership vs. management” discussion. Leading or managing: they’re different Management involves skills like projection, and practices like planning. For our purpose leadership is “inspiring willing and enthusiastic cooperation in the accomplishment of a goal.” Righeimer announced early this year that he wanted Council meetings ... Read More »

What is expected   Today we’ll discuss news items about a Las Vegas trip to promote the City and also one about a local man who was killed in an explosion, probably a suicide. Belongs at the scene The last item was terrible, as suicides and pipe bombs are. Costa Mesa’s Mayor visited the scene, as Mayors do in disasters. ... Read More »

Charter chatter  Costa Mesa is presently a “General Law City,” subject to a lot of control through the State legislature. However, her City Council seems likely to revisit the issue of a Charter soon.  Charters are essentially just City Constitutions. Peddling influence efficiently Lobbyists love General Law Cities because their efforts can be concentrated in Sacramento. The legislation they sponsor ... Read More »

Naive or Realistic  Let’s start with a definition and how it might apply to Costa Mesa’s – and California’s — government. According to Wikipedia, naivety (or naïveté) “is . . . having or showing a lack of experience, understanding or sophistication . . .  where one neglects (being realistic) in favor of moral idealism.” 405 Fiasco Remember when Caltrans insisted ... Read More »

Strangle crime, don’t document it  There have been calls for more police from both sides of the dais in Costa Mesa. There are less-vocal but clearly articulated calls to remove the niduses of crime in the City. Let’s survey some research conducted elsewhere to see what works to reduce crime. It turns out to be cheaper and more effective to reduce ... Read More »

The rest of the Council meeting    The Council meeting last night was long Meeting video but provided a good Civics 100 lesson. It also generated blogger-angst unrelated to the issues, which was addressed in the previous post. The gist of the meeting is on the City’s website and is covered in local papers. The whole thing can be experienced on ... Read More »

Long, educational meeting with a look back The Council meeting last night was longer than expected, but it had several positive results, and it generated blogger-angst unrelated to Council issues. Of course, since the usual culprits were involved, it generated a fair amount of babble unrelated to the issues, as well. We’ll cover the good example of government at work ... Read More »