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Monthly Archives: May 2013

Agitation and propaganda trump criticismWe saw Alinsky rules used in commentary about Costa Mesa’s Water District. (Alinsky wrote the manual for political rebellion in the ‘60’s, 12 Rules for Radicals. The rules explain how to influence, or even force, political decisions with technique, instead of facts or logic. In fact, Alinsky noted that the truth wasn’t a major concern.) One of Alinsky’s concepts ... Read More »

Weekend potpourri “The whole aim of practical politics is to keep the populace alarmed — and hence clamorous to be led to safety — by menacing it with an endless series of hobgoblins, all of them imaginary,” H.L. Mencken, columnist. Never let a disaster go to waste California, like all states, has two senators. First, we have Senator Boxer, who ... Read More »

Water, Trash, and Crime Monday’s meeting of Mesa Water District’s Board of Directors seemed benign, and even comforting. The Board met to study financial matters, including a report on the Department’s unfunded liability for pensions. (They’re in far better shape than our City, or other OC cities, for that matter, but that’s comparing apples with chickens.) Some notes on the ... Read More »

And even more Charter Chatter Adopting a charter does not change the way a city operates. A charter provides a framework for making City-specific decisions regarding municipal affairs. Changes to existing ordinances and regulations are made by the City Council, as always. An ordinance still has two hearings, a month apart, and offers an opportunity for citizens to express their ... Read More »

Screening for Superstars  “We can only hire superstars, and they’re hard to find,” an educator exclaimed at a barbecue last weekend. He was commenting about hiring teachers. Screening for “superstars?” Professional sports screen those who want to earn a great deal of money by playing games. The great majority don’t reach stardom. Those that do have superb skill sets, top mental and ... Read More »

Water boarding mis-information A director for Mesa Water District discussed some misinformation about the district in a talk Tuesday evening. Shawn Dewane addressed partially and completely wrong information that is appearing as newspaper commentary or as snide innuendos on blogs. The explanations he gave were believable and clear. However, we haven’t confirmed his assertions yet, so this information is tentative. Reaching ... Read More »

Get ’em to do what you want   There are only two ways to get people to do what you want: force them or persuade them. Disparity of force favors the strong, the young, and the gangs. Carrying a gun levels the field. It allows the 120 pound woman to repel the 260 pound rapist, the gay man to protect ... Read More »

From in-box to out   Today we’re clearing out the in box. Here are some questions that have accumulated from folks afraid to identify themselves. Some questions are about my choices, others about politics.  (These are edited for spelling and in some cases for what we think the writer was trying to say.) Q: Why are you bringing the charter ... Read More »

Weekend Potpourri A psychiatrist recently opined in print that the increase in Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) diagnosisis due to drug marketing. As more treatments are developed the pharmaceutical companies press prescription-writers to prescribe more treatment – with their own drug de jour, of course. “Don’t miss this critical diagnosis (ADHD) in your practice.” Physicians are well aware of the ... Read More »

Know what you’re talking about first Quote from Quote from munchkinwrangler: If you push legislation on a social issue with arguments that are demonstrably wrong (as in “provably non-factual”), obviously ignorant, and deliberately deceptive, how are people supposed to believe that your arguments are factual, informed, and objective in any other policy debate? We might paraphrase this. If you comment at ... Read More »