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Monthly Archives: July 2013

We can’t buy crime protection

We have to care enough to engage We still hear demands from well-meaning people to “hire more police to drive the crime down.” We’ve mentioned that what is proven to work in diminishing crime comes under the “Broken Window Theory.” Crime reduction requires that the community cares. Notice that the term is “cares,” not whines and complains. Knee jerk demands for solutions that ... Read More »

Charter: Corruption unlikely, production necessary

Impossible to be like Bell Bell officials assumed jobs that raised their pay to outrageous levels and stole $6.7 million from the city. The mayor defended himself as an ignorant and uneducated man (he didn’t finish grade school, much less high school or college) who didn’t know his thievery was illegal. (Bell Mayor) The election that gave him so much power was mostly absentee ... Read More »

Think directly about the charter

Two ways to evaluate decisions We use two processes to form opinions and make decisions: “below conscious” thinking and direct thinking. (Thinking Fast and Slow) They are each best for different types of decisions. Our brains are very effective at acquiring information about our immediate environment – often called situational awareness– and processing it subconsciously. We “sense” or “feel” that ... Read More »

Charter committee to do something soon

Same-old, same-old plus Delphi Re: last night’s Charter Committee meeting. (Pilot article) The visitors were the same folks we see at most government meetings. They seem to be a group, with rotating lectern assignments – to complain or protest. Those not assigned to speak, write and compare notes. TV coverage at Council meetings encourages more of them to speak, but ... Read More »

Blog Comments

Whether you agree or are outraged: Please note that all comments to this blog will be answered. If you want your comments published, say so. If you want your remarks to remain anonymous to readers, just say so. However, if you haven’t enough courage of your convictions to identify yourself to me when you are communicating through the blog, your ... Read More »

Young athletes learn — and set examples for all of us

Footballers on the firing line They exhibited mature, respectful, and supportive behavior while they felt excited and even when they didn’t like the ideas being presented? Wouldn’t it be nice to say that about a City Council meeting? But this was a group of Estancia football players, their coaches, and some family and friends who provided rides. The group visited Artemis Defense Institute in ... Read More »

Brats and more brats

Murderous Brats Zimmerman was acquitted, and a Black Panthers group “declared war” on whites.  The Twitter account, managed by the group’s national chairman, Malik Zulu Shabazz, urged followers to “take to the streets [and] stay there. . . Were (sic) at war,” Shabbazz Tweeted. “Its (sic) silly and immoral to call for peace when war has been declared.” Whatever YOU want ... Read More »

Guest Blog: Code Enforcement is flexing its muscle

Code Enforcement coming down hard  Guest Blog At the last City Council meeting a commenter noted, “Code Enforcement Is Heavy Handed” and is becoming known as the NHB “Neighborhood Harassment Bureau”. Ms. Genis said she was responsible for coining the NHB term. After decades of inaction and years of accumulated blightcitywide, I’m surprised that the commenter, who is a frequent critic of ... Read More »

Delaying the Charter, North Korea style

Honest delays or chicanery? Shakespearetitled one play, “Much Ado about Nothing,” and another “Tempest in a Teapot.” He could have been prescient about Costa Mesa’s Charter development. Let’s build a paradigm to illustrate. Pretend that An Explorer troop is planning a camping trip. They’ve been to a lake in the area before, but that campground is getting expensive and setting onerous rules. ... Read More »

Costa Mesa "rules of order?"

Rules to encourage decorum City Council meetings proceed more efficiently if they follow procedural rules. One set of rules is “Robert’s Rules of Order” often referred to as “parliamentary procedure.” Robert’s Rules specify that some procedural concerns are so critical that they can stop debate to be immediately considered. An example would be “point of order” if the discussion veered ... Read More »