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Monthly Archives: September 2013

Charters and treehouses

Who’s in control, them or us Locus of control is actually a term with specific meaning for use in Personality Science studies. But we can use it to develop a perspective on the Charter being developed in Costa Mesa. Let’s start with a model. One summer two six-year-olds build tree houses on opposite sides of the city, and use them ... Read More »

"Small minds discuss people"

Ideas vs. name-calling “Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people.” —Eleanor Roosevelt Some commenters and a local blogger have trouble grasping our discourse about ideas. This blog deals with ideas not with people. Some commenters take criticism of their logical fallacies* to be personal insults. So, in this brief, simplified blog post we’ll compare and contrast criticism of ... Read More »

Libel and slander in the internet age

What you write can bite — you “This will be a very public reminder to people that you can get sued for what you publish on the Internet,” said Ryder Gilliland, a Toronto libel lawyer. (1) Here are some definitions to help us all understand what we’re talking about. (2) Defamation: A false statement which tends to harm the reputation of a ... Read More »

"Blaming allows us to languish in the comfort of bad habits."

Potpourri – odds and ends to end the week There’s a major difference between “Board of Director” and “manager” responsibilities. Board members set policy to guide operations and they allocate resources to fuel operations. This is the City Council’s role. Management hierarchy exists to reach goals Managers control their allocated resources to achieve measurable goals. Costa Mesa’s CEOis responsible for ... Read More »

Could they be right?

Misguided or Misuser Could the Chronic Complainers (CC) be right? For this last issue on the police/park/lawsuits concerns let’s address some of the complaints directly. Let’s start with the pretense of concern about the dirt(decomposed granite — DG) on the paths in Fairview Park. In some cases volunteer groups stepped up and did necessary work which was being neglected as ... Read More »

Anybody got a copy?

Applauding the government — not We were questioned in the Blog comments (still under repair) about our unwavering support for “government.” That’s not correct.  At present we believe that the Council majority is causing positive effects in Costa Mesa. Government beneficence is not endemic, though. For example, consider the I405 nonsense. The cities affected in our area believed that the Caltrans HOV ... Read More »

Complaining as a job title

No solutions, just intimidate and irritate In the last few posts we’ve established three premisesabout the chronic complainers (CC). (They are the ones demonstrating and demanding that Costa Mesa authorize more police positions and that the Mayordrop his lawsuit against the police union.) First, they aren’t well informed. Next, they haven’t established credibility. And finally, they aren’t making logical arguments. (1, 2, 3) We’ve also shown that their ... Read More »

They don’t know but they sure say

Commentary from the uninformed, part 2 Let’s examine this hypothesis concerning the chronic complainers – we’ll use the abbreviation “CC” for the rest of this post. Given: The CC are forcefully demanding that the Mayor drop his lawsuit against the police union and its legal advisor. Hypothesis; they do so primarily because they’ve been misled and emotionally-overstimulated by propaganda. (Scientific process, especially ... Read More »

More on commentary from the uninformed; part one A couple of chronic complainers are agitating about matters they don’t understand, as usual. Surprisingly, some of their unsupported arguments have been adopted by a Register columnist. We think the Fourth Estate can do better at checking their sources. See part 2, coming soon. Note that the two “experts” have written and ... Read More »

Non-pub questions

Cleaning out the inbox — again Reminder: until the comment system on this blog is fixed please send all comments to: Commentsare appreciated and answered as appropriate; however the sender must be identified. We won’t publish your comments without your permission. There are lots of reasons to request that your identification not appear with your comment; we’ll honor your request. Some ... Read More »