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Anarchy by the few

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“The end justifies the means” is rampant in Orange County. “Irvine mom accused of planting drugs in PTA volunteer’s car pleads guilty “The couple, both lawyers, believed (the volunteer) had locked their then-first grade son outside during an after school program and had . . . said negative things about her to other parents . . .” In other words, ... Read More »

Some do, others complain

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Scarecrow Festival’s final meeting “Thank you” and “goodbye” were the themes celebrated Sunday by the sub-committee responsible for the “Return of the Scarecrow Festival.” The celebration included an impromptu, largely tongue-in-cheek “Kumbaya” that highlighted an interesting phenomenon; diverse, not divisive, political views. The left and right, conservative and liberal, were represented. An employees’ union officer shared chili recipes and stories ... Read More »

Effective or "Touchy-Feelee"

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Better roads require    drive to accomplish   Watching the Mayor and Pro Tem work during the past year brought to mind a Chief of Surgery at a military hospital, many years ago. The staff would all have cancelled and connived to get him as the surgeon for their surgery — or their family’s. However, they cancelled and connived at least ... Read More »

Bully them if they’re right

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Commenter bullies We read that bullying isn’t acceptable in schools and that it’s wrong in the workplace. What about bullying those who disagree politically? For a small group of haters in Costa Mesa, that bullying is acceptable. If someone states that street and curb repairs, park maintenance and Westside developmentare all good for Costa Mesa they will be bullied. They’ll be ostracized, criticized, and marginalized by our local haters. Why? Because the Mayor and ... Read More »

Libel vs. freedom

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Libel in the time of Weblogs    Malice: a legal term describing the intent to harm. “Actual malice” isrequired to establish libel against public officials and is usually needed for punitive damages. It involves material that was known to be false. As “libel law” develops in the Weblog age, defining what “publishing” is becomes more important. Libel is published written defamation ... Read More »

Scream or study — your choice

Deciding what’s right Let’s look at two approaches for deciding controversial matters of public policy. Both are in vogue in Costa Mesa. One approach involves investigation, discussion, and debate – by Costa Mesans — to decide what’s best for Costa Mesa. This method has the most supporters. Another approach is illustrated by a Councilwoman’s comment: “I hope the feds send a ... Read More »

Personal animosity is always wrong


Law and Propriety   From the Municipal Code (City law) Sec. 2-60. Propriety of conduct of council members Members of the council shall preserve order and decorum during a meeting. It shall be unlawful for any member of the council to violate any of the following rules: . . . Members of the council shall not, by disorderly, insolent or disturbing ... Read More »

Reasons for pride, shame

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Pride in workmanship   The Halecrest Chili Cook Off was a reminder of how important pride in workmanship and attention to detail can be. All of the candidates were proud of their chili, and each table had someone who could explain in detail how the dish had been prepared. For example, the Chili Verdefrom one group had been prepared from ... Read More »

The majority depends on the Council to preserve their rights

Noisiest aren’t the majority “What seems to be the voice of the masses is the voice of a few – magnified and distorted.” Larry Tramutola A recent post about bike trails facilitating crime caused some (mostly anonymous) controversy. Essentially, the comments could be summed up as, “you must think that bike trails are bad, and you’re wrong because . . .” We ... Read More »

Mayor enforces rules to get City’s business completed

Rules for meetings Robert’s Rules of Order“. . . provides for constructive and democratic meetings, to help, not hinder, the business of the assembly.” Rules and laws have evolved to help assure fairness – and to open government processes to the citizens served. Some were prompted by disasters; e.g. the Bell fiasco. Without rules . . . Imagine the potential for a ... Read More »