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Monthly Archives: January 2014

Not that kind, not here

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Jan 29 We must provide this housing In a letter to the editor a resident of Yorba Linda described a conundrum that sounds familiar. In fact, if you substitute “Costa Mesa” for “Yorba Linda” in this excerpt it reads just as clearly and logically. “The one true statement that appears in the literature from both sides is that it is ... Read More »

Communicate if you want your job

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Jan 28 Pros negotiate solutions Unions are businesses, not altruistic knights defending the downtrodden. They profit by improving benefits for members. Other businesses have decided that being good citizens and stewards is good business. For example, locally, the manufacturer Cla-Val recycles materials and holds air, water, and noise pollution to a minimum. It provides support to effective non-profits. It’s good ... Read More »

What drives success

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Jan 27 Res Ipsa Loquiter   (it speaks for itself)   A NY Times opinion piece by Amy Chua and Jed Rubenfeld on Jan 25 offers an answer. The authors don’t think that the answer, in general, is racial or genetic. They identify three characteristics in successful groups that attenuate over generations. . . . groups rise and fall over time. ... Read More »

Evidence of adults found in CM

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Jan 26 Adult behavior — and not so much Thursday night was a treat for those of us who were starting to believe that what distinguishes the Costa Mesa political groups from the Boy Scouts is that the Boy Scouts have adult leadership. Two candidates for the Mesa Water BOD seat and a candidate for City Council attended two meetings ... Read More »

A tale of two meetings

Jan 25 City Council and Sanitation District At the City Council meeting Tuesday we were treated to a litany of accusations by a frequent commenter; essentially, he just blamed the Mayor for a host of problems he sees in Costa Mesa. He offered no solutions, just blame. He and the band of complainers vent their hate on our time. All ... Read More »

As goes Sonoma, so Costa Mesa

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Jan 24 Counties go broke, too What’s happening with Costa Mesa’s unfunded liabilities is happening to cities and counties throughout California. In this article we can see an eerie parallel to Costa Mesa in the dilemmas faced by Sonoma County. In addition to service insolvency, the County (Sonoma) is approaching balance sheet insolvency. Service insolvency means that “. . . ... Read More »

Council meeting done well

A Council of Adults Tuesday evening’s City Council meeting was relatively short and efficiently run. Most of the commenters were prepared, there were no bathrobes or songs, and comments from the dais were mostly to the point being discussed. One speaker at the Council meeting Tuesday was notable for his lack of compassion and his arrogance. He accused the Council ... Read More »

Not fair — fair isn’t real

21 Jan Fairness We’re being subjected to appeals for “fairness.” Some are focused on housing for the homeless and others on higher minimum wages – all in the interest of “fairness.” Let’s look back at the nation’s fire departments, early victims of this view of “fairness.” First, the departments didn’t have many women – few women applied. One reason they ... Read More »

Negotiate or screech

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Jan 20 Negotiate change you want We’ve been startled at Walmart and Target by screeches that sound like a small animal being tortured: it was just protests from children thwarted in their desire for candy. Parents are familiar with a pre-teen’s resistance to authority; “Well you can make me clean my room but I’ll show you – I’ll take all ... Read More »

Tale of three cities

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Jan 20 Selected cop pay in three cities A brief comparison of Costa Mesa police pay with that offered in two comparably-sized cities offers food for thought. How long each city will remain solvent may be affected by the cost of public safety. Would it be easier to sustain a superior benefits package with a very generous retirement program for ... Read More »