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Monthly Archives: February 2014

Guest post about trash tonight

We know — NO BID Tonight the Costa Mesa Sanitary District Board will vote, YES to give more money to their friendly trash hauler.  These are some concerns. To quote from the article “How the organics recycling program, estimated to cost about $504,000 annually, would affect rates hasn’t been determined.”   WHAT?  Wait … WHAT? Do they really do not know, ... Read More »

New week, no outbursts scheduled

Wild 031

Feb 24 This week in Costa Mesa Government This coming week is again fraught with the danger that government meetings will be relatively calm and dignified. There’s potential for strife, though – youth sports fields and charter provisions! Our Calendar and the City website will have updated information about this weeks events in Costa Mesa. The Planning Commission meets at ... Read More »

Meet the candidate — every week

Lee Ramos wants to know: What are your concerns about the direction Costa Mesa is taking? What do you think the City should be doing in the next two years and in the next four years? What are your ideas about Costa Mesa becoming a Charter City? What should we do to address the unfunded liabilities posed by government pensions ... Read More »

Unintended consequences and dead birds

Bird 142

Feb 23 Kill birds or kill fish or. . . Harvesting wind and solar energy is killing birds, including endangered species. Protecting a three-inch fish in the Sacramento Delta is bankrupting farmers in the Central Valley. It’s also exacerbating our recent lack of recent rainfall to a SoCal crisis. (Except for Costa Mesa and a few other independent-source entities.) “The ... Read More »

Respect, for husbands and officials

Feb 22 Respect accorded, earned or not Often, people will say that a husband should only be respected if he “earns” it. This attitude is precisely the problem. A wife ought to respect her husband because he is her husband, just as he ought to love and honor her because she is his wife. Your husband might “deserve” it when ... Read More »

Evil can’t happen here


Feb 18 Political targeting of Walker supporters proves it can happen here By Rick Manning It can’t happen here. Government targeting and intimidation against political opponents is something found in North Korea or Iran, not in the United States of America. This is about Wisconsin, but the concept seems to apply way too much to Costa Mesa. As the federal ... Read More »

Compare police jobs

Feb 17 Law Enforcement Jobs There are a lot of jobs for Police Officers now, as the economy improves. LEOs (Law Enforcement Officers), like all professionals, use criteria they find personally important when they look for new jobs. For example, an officer might seek a rugged, self-sufficient atmosphere and look at Juneau, Alaska. Or she might want to maximize opportunity ... Read More »

This week

Wild 224

Feb 16 This week in Costa Mesa Government This week in government shouldn’t lead to very many signs, songs or secret signals and handshakes. It may be a peaceful week. Most of the committee/commission meetings are concerned with routine business. As usual, those who would like to prepare for the meetings can link to agendas and their related staff studies. See the calendar. ... Read More »

Soapbox moralizing

Football Player

Get attention without doing anything Washington Redskins write scathing response to lawmakers who want team name changed Sen. Maria Cantwell, D-Wash., and Rep. Tom Cole, R-Okla., told NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell in a letter that the league is on the “wrong side of history” in allowing the Redskins to keep their name, which some see as a slur. “It is, ... Read More »

eMail tumors

“Is email like a malignant tumor?” This is one author’s rant about folks who hit “reply all” to acknowledge every message and other online miscreants. “Like having a child, using email requires no license or training of any kind. Anyone with a computer or phone and an Internet connection can send an email.” The good doc also has unfriendly words ... Read More »