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Monthly Archives: March 2014

This week’s meetings

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A lot of meetings  We have a City Council meeting Tuesday, with agenda items that should attract the usual commenters and maybe a few prepared ones as well. Then Wednesday we have four meetings of interest, and finally the First Friday Car Show. The CC agenda includes Consent Items. (These should be considered and passed as a group for efficient ... Read More »

If it didn’t work before . . .

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Mar 26 Why do what doesn’t work “If valid, peer-reviewed studies indicate one approach works, and experience in Costa Mesa, Oakland, and throughout the U.S. suggests that another doesn’t, why insist on using the approach that hasn’t worked?” * This is from a post about police staffing, and it certainly still holds true; if community involvement, planned and focused police ... Read More »

Defamation by dummies


Mar 25 Too lazy to find facts A few ill-informed personal attacks appeared in the local commentary again. That brings back the issue of defamation, which, as we’ve mentioned, is key in libel suits. Libel is particularly interesting in the internet age because a lot of questions haven’t yet been resolved. That is, we don’t know how case law will ... Read More »

This week in CM Government meetings

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Mar 23 A potentially docile and muted week A community meeting on March 25th will feature staff reviewing  the street/gutter projects that will be impeding traffic for a while to make Costa Mesa better and better. The work in North and West Costa Mesa should begin in April and last through October. Funding for this project was provided by gas tax, ... Read More »

“Pretend” barriers

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Mar 22 They don’t show equal interest Thomas Sowell in the American Spectator. All groups, families and cultures are not even trying to do the same things, so the fact that they do not all end up equally represented everywhere can hardly be automatically attributed to “barriers” created by “society.” The front page of a local newspaper in northern California ... Read More »

Bad Cops in Philly

Police Officer Carrying Nightstick

Mar 22 Journalism for real The hero here is journalism, and those of us insane or stubborn enough to remain on the deck of a ship we are routinely told is about to plummet to the depths. By journalism, I do not mean cat listicles, “think pieces” about Instagrammed sunsets, or whatever else may pass for meretricious click-bait, but the ... Read More »

Predictive policing

Detective's Badge and ID

Mar 21 Open-Source Predictive Policing Treating crime as a community disease leads to use of analytic methods similar to those used by epidemiologists who study disease. When there are indications that an illness is likely to occur in a specific area, resources move the that area. Similarly, if there are indications that criminal activity is likely to increase or start ... Read More »

Santa Cruz homeless being housed

Mar 21 It’s working in Santa Cruz Santa Cruz Nears Goal to House 180 of its Most Vulnerable Homeless 100,000 Homes is based on the “Housing First” model: getting the homeless into housing first and then providing supportive services addressing addictions, mental health problems and employment. Santa Cruz has reached about 135 on the way to its goal of 180, ... Read More »

Restricting home ownership indirectly

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Mar 18 No growth = decreased affordable housing The 10 year history of housing affordability in the 10 largest metropolitan areas of the United States indicates that four are now severely unaffordable (Los Angeles, New York, Boston and Miami), all of which have more restrictive land use regulation. House prices in the six major markets of California have risen nearly ... Read More »

Planning Prevents Slums

Broken window-panes

Mar 17 Don’t build slums When we consider responses to homeless people and permanent-motel-resident families in Costa Mesa we need to plan so that our responses are effective. We can debate the relative contributions of the public and private sectors. We can advocate for more or less services. We can even argue whether “homes for the homeless” should be in ... Read More »