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Monthly Archives: April 2014

Easy solutions aren’t either


April 30 Bullets and (pill) bottles What if we served a medicated Kool Aid to children to keep them from running about, demonstrating emotional outbursts, and generally acting like kids? Then let’s pretend that we discovered that the kids drinking the medicated Kool Aid had a propensity for violence, and were involved in school shootings and stabbings. What would we ... Read More »

All citizens must learn accounting

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April 27 Knowing what numbers mean Basic accounting was considered essential knowledge for all citizens during the Italian Renaissance. And, starting in the 1500’s, “Every level of Dutch society practiced double-entry accounting — from prostitutes to scholars, merchants and even the Stadholder, Maurice of Nassau, Prince of Orange.” But how much do Americans even understand about finance? Few of us ... Read More »

Increase taxes to decrease jobs

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April 28 Daily Pilot Commentary * Tax Freedom Day was created in 1948 by Florida businessman Dallas Hostetler  . . . (This year) It took 111 days for the nation as a whole to earn enough money to pay its total tax bill for the year . . . California’s burden leans toward the heavy side; it took us 120 ... Read More »

Comparison doesn’t work

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April 23 Dictator vs. Mayor I learned a lesson about human behavior years ago, both anecdotally and from my degree in psychology. That lesson is this: People, in order to make themselves feel superior, need to devalue, diminish and sometimes demonize others.  (Police) Lt. Jim Glennon A dictator is a ruler who does not rule through democratic means. “When people ask him how ... Read More »

Alinsky: Use ad hominem ad nauseaum

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April 21 Attack the person Saul Alinsky was an organizer and political theorist active in the 1950’s and 1960’s. His “Rules for Radicals” has been a text for civil disruption ever since. His “12 Rules,” his contempt for the mentality of the populace, and his scorn for truth are famous (or infamous) now.1, 2 His “rules” are still being followed ... Read More »

Civilian support for union intimidation tactics

April 21 Cop “Playbook” rules There’s been a rule added to the police union “Playbook.” (The “playbook” was a law firm’s list of rules for police unions to use to pressure administrations. Google “Lackie, Dammeier, McGill playbook” for more information.) The new “rule” is “Get civilians to follow the playbook for you whenever possible.” From the “Playbook: Public Appearances  . ... Read More »

Consider facts, not who states them

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April 20 Facts at Face Value This is from a Daily Pilot Commentary by Thomas Eastmond who practices law in Irvine and lives in Newport Beach. Too many of our public and private debates play the man, not the ball. If winning is everything and truth is optional, that can be brutally effective. But if you care about truth — ... Read More »

Council notes


Apr 16 City Council meeting We won’t delve into the brouhaha about the rude-dude’s remarks or the Mayor’s reply in any depth. It’s been accurately covered by the Daily Pilot. (,0,7124977.story  ) The hypocrisy demonstrated Tuesday evening deserves a little attention, though. A Councilwoman admonished the Mayor to just accept insults and name calling as part of the job. This ... Read More »