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Monthly Archives: May 2014

Don’t vote for the icky one

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May 31 Foolish voting criteria We’ve read a lot of criticism about reasons for specific votes; how stupid (women) voted for Kennedy because he was handsome and equally stupid men voted against him because he was Catholic. The same could be said for voting for Obama because he is black, or against Romney because he is Mormon. Elections don’t determine ... Read More »

Pathological altruism

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May 30 Avoid the road to self-destruction “The road to hell is paved with good intentions.” Aphorism of unknown origin. Barbara Oakley, an associate professor in engineering wrote a paper about “pathological altruism.” It was featured in a Wall Street Journal opinion piece. (Here) “Empathy,” Oakley notes, “is not a uniformly positive attribute. As an example she notes: “Ostensibly well-meaning ... Read More »

Delusions and more

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May 30 Personality disorders & political commentary This post is excerpted from a pamphlet that used to be a staple in Emergency Departments. It addresses the question, “My loved one acts crazy! What should I do?” “Acting crazy” may be a description for a personality disorder. People with personality disorders harbor beliefs that aren’t reasonable to the rest of us. ... Read More »

“The biggest violation of ethics is the failure of leaders”

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May 29 Most ‘Ethics Training’ is a total waste of time Opinion from a Police Journal In my experience most ‘Ethics Training’ is a total waste of time. Trying to teach ethics to adults is ridiculous. . . . What we should be doing is having honest discussions about behavior and how it affects organizational missions, leadership and how a lack of ... Read More »

Don’t ring the bell

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May 28 New grads CAN save the world U of T Austin Commencement Address  (video here) Adm. McRaven called on the graduates to change the world – using lessons he learned from basic SEAL training. He gives the numbers – an effort by the new grads to change ten lives can expand to changing the lives of twice the population of ... Read More »

We have to risk failing

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May 27 Road to success uncomfortable When we think about the “anti-bully” and “anti-haze” and “anti-everything” being difficult or uncomfortable we should remember “our God-given Right to Fail.” The Wright brothers, the founders of Microsoft and Apple, and every football player chosen in the last draft faced failure. They faced discouragement. They faced humiliation and fear and . . . many, ... Read More »

Col Peck on leadership

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May 26 Initial advice about leadership This is from the initial counseling and orientation of a new military officer reporting for duty in an elite combat arms unit. It summarizes an expert’s view of leadership.  It has been reconstructed from memory. Our unit doesn’t usually accept second lieutenants because they are too dumb. They don’t usually get smart until they ... Read More »

Mean, median and mode of the sock drawer

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May 25 On average — they’re undefined If we were to lay our unmatched socks across the bed how would we pick the “average” sock? The average we use most often, called the “mean,” is the sum divided by the number of entries; summing socks doesn’t make any sense although socks can be counted. Another average, called “median,” is the ... Read More »

Leadership Series

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May 24 Jack Hammett “Jack Hammett.” The term is both a name and a synonym for accomplishment through others — Mr. Hammett has succeeded in diverse fields by being able to influence others. That’s a good definition of leadership. He gave us his insight concerning three leadership questions. 1. What advice would you give a new leader – one just ... Read More »