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Simplified Nature vs. Nurture

Mother and Baby Elephant

June 30 Do they lack intelligence or manners Kendra Cherry wrote an interesting if superficial overview of the Nature Versus Nurture question. (Here ) Is your behavior more influenced by genetics or environmental influences? Is your personality the result of traits you inherited or has it been shaped by your life experiences? The nature versus nurture debate is one of ... Read More »

Who’s a bigot

Infant Yawning

June 29 Prejudice illustrated We’ve enjoyed an interesting brouhaha related to prejudice in Daily Pilot remarks. There’s some irony seasoning the verbiage, too. Prejudice is any preconceived opinion or feeling, good or bad. “Red cars are cool so I know I’ll like your red Porsche. I don’t like George so I won’t believe anything he says.” This leads to bigot, ... Read More »

Lame Duck Democracy


Jun 28 Is it salvageable Thomas Sowell, an economist at Harvard wrote a disquieting message to all. Some of his comments are below, and the full article is here. President Obama has demonstrated, time and again, that he has no respect for the Constitution’s limitations on his power. Despite his oath of office, to see that the laws are faithfully ... Read More »

Chronic Complainers = anchors

Cat around corner

June 27 Texas ahead in so many ways Texas is now receiving well over DOUBLE the per capita investment of California. Further, California’s median household income, when adjusted for cost of living, is 18% below Texas’. (Article ) “. . . California’s supplemental poverty rate is by far the worst in the nation at 23.8%. We are 48.8% higher than the ... Read More »

Language etiquette – times change

Brown Bear

June 27 Dem words, dem naughty words The LA Mayor’s use of a naughty word (about a sports event) illustrates a common issue. ”Most swear words are used connotatively (to convey emotion), not for their literal meaning.” Notice that (the mayor and other celebrities) used (the term) as an intensifier, not as a sexual obscenity.” (Article) Another social researcher says ... Read More »

C.O.I.N. here and there


Jun 26 Aren’t getting it right Barry Levinson compared Fullerton’s attempt at making labor negotiations transparent with Costa Mesa’s. (Article ) “This is my first opportunity to compare an excellent law, the Costa Mesa Ordinance on Civic Openness in Negotiations (C.O.I.N.) vs. the Fullerton Draft C.O.I.N. Ordinance. “Costa Mesa’s Civic Openness in Negotiations ordinance was designed to make public employee ... Read More »

Confidence is inversely proportional to knowledge

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June 25 Correlation isn’t causation A few decades ago researchers noticed that patients with Type II diabetes had high blood glucose levels. Carbohydrates, or carbs, metabolize into glucose, so the advice to diabetics a few decades ago was, “avoid carbs, eat fats and proteins.” Then others noticed that heart disease patients tended to have high blood lipids and the mantra for all, ... Read More »

(More) Acute exacerbation of chronic nonsense

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June 23 Don’t think — just insult the commenter “Those who can make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities.” Voltaire Alinsky’s RULE 10 advises agitators to “push a negative hard enough — it will push through and become a positive.” In the past it described provoking management into making violent responses that aroused sympathy for the union organizers. ... Read More »

Feminist and think-less examples

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June 22 More idle thoughts  A prominent woman who identifies herself as conservative feminist asserts (here): . . . But the current feminist movement seems more interested in furthering classic sexist gender roles, with women as trembling flowers getting stomped on by big mean boys, and (views) progressive feminism as the chivalrous White Knight. And a quote from a local commentary ... Read More »

Enough wind to “shout down” a cusser

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June 21 Idle thoughts At the last Council meeting a commenter screamed profanities at the mayor and refused to follow the rules for commenting. From the Daily Pilot: [“Expletive] you, Mr. Mayor!” . . . [Expletive] you!” . . .  two police officers escorted (commenter) back to the seating area. . .”Go to hell, you bastard,” (he) said on his ... Read More »