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Monthly Archives: July 2014

Problems grow like tumors — or fungus

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July 30 Fulminating and Fungating In medicine a fulminating lesion is growing rapidly, spilling over – like a cauliflower growing out of a tissue.* A fungating tumor is similar – it is rapidly spreading – like a fungus. According to the Daily Pilot, we have criminals bringing a supposed prostitute to Costa Mesa to  torture her for her uncooperative attitude. ... Read More »

Political shots or residents’ benefits

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July 24 Residents deserve the benefits Money is a tool businesses and governments use to reach their goals. It must be used to be useful. The Council majority agreed to use money that would have lain idle for this budget cycle to fund three infrastructure projects instead. Two projects were for repair and maintenance on California and Gisler avenues in ... Read More »

Watching you — too

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July 21 Big brother knows and tells A murder suspect was identified by a “technology contractor” monitoring his online activity. It’s not catching a murderer that’s disquieting, though. The article states:  “(Investigator) Simmons revealed for the first time the trail of evidence that led police to suspect (Joy of committing murder):  “Over the next days, police . . . searched ... Read More »

Easy answers are rare

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July 20 If the answer is simple it’s wrong A recent blog noted: “A recent meta-analysis by an accomplished international team of researchers, published in a prestigious medical journal, shows that high intake of saturated fat is exactly as bad for health as a high intake of sugar and refined starch. The study also suggests there is something far worse. ... Read More »

Understand the question first

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July 17  Heads or tails Flip a coin 1000 times — the results should tend toward 500 heads. So if you watch carefully and this time the coin has shown 300 heads and 699 tails, should you expect another tails “because it’s a trend?” Or should you expect a heads “because it’s overdue?” There’s a 50% chance of a heads ... Read More »

Costa Mesans Choose

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July 16  “A mind committed to compassion is like an overflowing reservoir – a constant source of energy, determination and kindness. This mind can also be likened to a seed; when cultivated, it gives rise to many other qualities, such as forgiveness, tolerance, inner strength, and the confidence to overcome fear and insecurity.” Dalai Lama We choose compassion — or ... Read More »

No women — bothered

July 15 Where are the women Why aren’t more women running for public office? There’s a candidate for County Supervisor who is doing very well, leading the pack of office-seekers. Her very successful campaign so far demonstrates that planning and experience work for those who seek office — male or female. Why don’t we have more women interested in Costa Mesa City Council? There ... Read More »

Computerized snarking

July 8 Computers snark cheaper and smarter A British columnist warns that astroturfing by big business (which includes big labor unions) and government is a growing effort to automate opinion manipulation. Shades of Orwell’s 1984. Astroturfing1 is alive and well in Costa Mesa – but it’s changing faster and faster. The tone of the remarks for Daily Pilot threads suggests ... Read More »

Fat bellies and good roads

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July 11 Obesity and infrastructure repair  A review of a research paper abstract in HealthDay News says: “Many commonly held assumptions about drivers of the obesity epidemic are wrong . . . “The researchers found that rising obesity rates coincided with increases in leisure time (not increases in work hours), increases in fruit and vegetable availability (not declines in healthier ... Read More »

Opportunity attacked by trolls and flacks

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July 9  Opportunity is under assault  “Astroturf libertarians are the real threat to internet democracy,” asserted a British newspaper columnist. (Here) I’m talking about the daily attempts to control and influence content in the interests of the state and corporations: attempts in which money talks. The weapon used by both state and corporate players is a technique known as astroturfing. An ... Read More »