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Monthly Archives: August 2014

How to be a hypocrite

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Aug 17 Tell others how they should live or behave Live behind a wall in a gated community – and oppose the cleanup of the problem motels. After all, “they” can’t ride a stolen bike into your community to grab iPads from cars. Ignore the reality of some Costa Mesa neighborhoods at night while the wall around your abode protects ... Read More »

Stop that candidate — he’ll dilute


August 16 Once you accept the premise that so-called experts should decide what’s best for the rest of us, the only question remaining is how to deal with people who don’t comply. (Link) We can’t vote for them The reason we vote is to select the candidate who most represents our views – if a candidate has a strong case ... Read More »

Water and roads and pensions — oh my

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August 2 Glad we’re not in LA “With 80 percent of the State now in extreme drought, it’s imperative that we all conserve as much water as possible. The president of the Los Angeles Area Chamber of Commerce continues; “A reliable water supply is critical to the health of the State’s economy. Investing now will help L.A. and California manage ... Read More »

The fringes scream — we demand more laws

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August 1 “Yeah, let’s go there.” This is a provocative post. According to Brenda McCue, “No one wants to talk about it.  No one.  Well maybe a few people. The people that are often considered the fringe. McCune addresses the extremists who display gruesome pictures on street corners, and those who believe that “the government” should fund their birth control ... Read More »

Seek evidence that it helps — first

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July 31 Evidence instead of lawsuit-avoidance One current focus in medicine is evidence-based treatment. That means that treatments are evaluated for how well they work compared to alternatives – or doing nothing. Some tests hurt our patients and don’t affect the treatment plan. They are primarily designed to repel lawyers. That does no good for our patients or for society. A group ... Read More »