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Hears the message, doesn’t agree

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Pay attention — I’m making noise  Oct 13 This study found that: Students distracted by electronic devices perform at the same level as those who are focused on the lecture Conclusions. Every class member felt that they acquired the important learning points during the lecture. Those who were distracted by electronic devices during the lecture performed similarly to those who were ... Read More »

Good cops police their own

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Oct 10  Whose side are they on From a column answering a whine from an LEO about police policing themselves: Let’s start with whistleblower protection . . .  where I work, there is plenty. If a cop is behaving badly, they should either get arrested or be fired. Is it possible (a whistleblower) might get some flak from others in ... Read More »

Income inequality fallacies

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Oct 8 Causes of Income Inequality are clear  Friedrich Nietzsche neatly encapsulated the differences between socialism and capitalism when he wrote: “The craving for equality can express itself as a desire to pull everyone down to our own level or as a desire to raise ourselves up along with everyone else.” We read an interesting article about the reality of ... Read More »

“Liars & the Lies They Tell”

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Oct 8 Maybe lying is coded in political DNA An acerbic editorial by Burt Prelutsky notes: If politicians and bureaucrats ever stopped lying for even five minutes . . .For instance, we’re being told repeatedly that we have nothing to fear from the fellow down in Dallas who, instead of bringing back a souvenir t-shirt reading “I’ve Been to Liberia, Don’t ... Read More »

If good cops exist . . .

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Oct 6 “I’ll believe good cops exist when they start turning in the bad.” Justin King said With all of the negative attention given to police officers lately, the public is left wondering if there are any good cops left. The bad apples seem to have spoiled the cart, but in Broward County several cops stepped forward to break the ... Read More »

Character when nobody’s watching

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Sep 29 Two faced or honest and humble In the NY Times David Brooks addressed aspects of character that apply to writers and other “thought workers.” He made a good case for a strong ethics set being necessary for a writer. “Humility is not letting your own desire for status get in the way of accuracy. He’s not writing those ... Read More »

Don’t ever surrender

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Surrender is always wrong and often painfully fatal A well-written, documented article. On March 9, 1963, two LAPD Officers were taken prisoner by two criminals. The Officers submitted . . . gave up their weapons (and) were driven to an onion field outside of Bakersfield. One Officer was murdered while the other Officer managed to escape in a hail of ... Read More »