Monday, June 26, 2017

Can’t read well, attacks those who can

A brief scan of the commentary following a letter about trash contracts suggests that many of the attackers are unable to understand what they read, or else they are unwilling to keep their promises.,0,5142800.story

Experts on Costa Mesa who live in Newport Beach, and elsewhere, including, supposedly, Sacramento, are vigorously defending the Sanitary District. Apparently they believe that the best way to do so is to attack, personally and sometimes with threats, those who believe trash contracts should be competitive. Even more vicious personal attacks from the usual haters who are Costa Mesa residents rounds out the vitriol of those with made up names — and who knows where they live?

The logic behind the Sanitary District’s no-bid contracting hasn’t yet been presented. Perhaps the haters have poor reading skills, or are just so anxious to spew that they don’t take time to research issues and think about them logically.

They must have flunked Junior High School, as well as Kindergarten.

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A local blogger was apparently  “dumped” from Facebook for 90 days earlier this year. The lesson didn’t sink in.

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