Monday, June 26, 2017

Sowell on hit-piece journalism

“. . . people who work in any capacity usually expect to get paid, even people who write hit pieces for the New York Times.”

The local blogger with the most books in print at this time worked as a journalist for a New York newspaper before “advocacy journalism” took hold; that is, he was paid, presumably well, for writing. And, Dr. Sowell is probably paid well for testifying.

This brings up some intriguing questions; how much are the hacks who write Costa Mesa’s “hit piece” comments under assumed names paid?  Do they get the minimum wage? It looks like one, perhaps two of them blog from Sacramento.

Their local completion seems limited to asking foolish questions, insulting our Mayor, or asserting their desire to solve all of Costa Mesa’s problems by defeating him in the next election. If they’re paid it can’t be much for applying so little effort or skill.

The “professional hit-comment writers” from Sacramento and points South don’t have to research any issues, they just craft personal insults at people the unions don’t like, so they aren’t likely to be too highly paid, either. Maybe they make up for it in volume by living near political offices and lobbyists.

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