Monday, June 26, 2017
Mesa Water Saturday a.m. meeting

Mesa Water Saturday a.m. meeting

Added government meeting for this week

Mesa Water BOD will meet at 8:00 a.m. Saturday (March 15th). They’ll be updating the Strategic Plan and reviewing the FY 2015 Staffing Plan.

The Board will receive presentations on their Business Process Evaluation and a proposed update of their Replacement of Assets Resolution. They’ll also review a recommendation for amending financial policies including Guidelines for Establishing Rates.

A Customer Assistance program with the Share Our Selves organization is also on the agenda for discussion.

So, for the folks concerned about Mesa Water’s plans for Asset Replacement and those who’d like to know how Mesa Water’s costs and investments affect water-use rates, this seems like a good Saturday morning to get up early.

The meeting may generate heated discussion but should run smoothly and be free of rancor and silliness: Mesa Water meetings usually aren’t covered by TV, so most of the chronic complainers won’t bother to attend. And, the political pontificator and the “candidates who jump on photo ops” (that don’t involve actually doing any work) are likely to be at Goat Hill Junction Saturday morning.

There will be fund raising at the station to replace stolen and damaged equipment and supplies, so the press may show – attracting pontificators and photo seekers like a porch light attracts moths.

The significance of this for the Mesa Water meeting is that the meeting attendees are more likely to actually care about issues and are more likely to be informed.



  1. This is our Board Workshop, held twice a year all day long , or longer. We also have our regular board meeting on Thursday March 13th, 6 pm at District HQ.

    The Board workshop on Saturday is at our Mesa Water Reliability Facility on Gisler behind CarMax. While not considered a “regular” board meeting as it encompasses a lot more material, all items are actionable and can be moved on and voted on at that meeting though we may just move them to the consent calendar of the next regular meeting depending on timing of item.

    Speaking of the Mesa Water Reliability Facility, tomorrow the 13th it is open to public from 9 to 4 for tours. limited parking but there are shuttle buses running from various locations. Call district for schedule or perhaps come early and get parking. Or ride your bike or walk and no parking issues.

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