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Haters and cults

Haters and cults

March 15

Hating others starts within

George Washington Carver, a botanical researcher and educator, said:

“Fear of something is at the root of hate for others, and hate within will eventually destroy the hater.”  

Hating others for external differences, and loathing others for internal variations, is at the center of conflict among men, women and nations.

The root causes of hate and loathing are the fears of not being accepted and of chaos in one’s life. These fears often drive people to do horrible things . . .

If you find yourself hating someone, or something about a person, ask yourself what you are afraid of with regard to that person; then, eliminate the fear within you, and you will eradicate the hate of others. Indulge the fear within you, and the hate will persist forever. Ultimately, the hate will destroy the hater, not the object.

Cults hate, too

And Billy Graham answered a question about cults:

Q: How can I know whether or not a group is a cult? . . .

. . .  How can you tell? One way is to find out if the members think that they, and they alone, have all the truth . . . most cults teach that every other church is wrong, and they alone are right.

Not all cults are related to religion, though. Political cults have included what we called the “Nazi party,” many Communist groups, and even a local group or two.

That’s not to say that a group that thinks it’s right is necessarily a cult. However, if they withhold approval from members who don’t completely subscribe to their teachings, it’s safe to suspect a cult. If they define those who disagree as evil, dishonest, and generally disagreeable without any suggestion of evidence beyond their own belief system, the term “cult” probably applies.

Ideological systems based upon hatred, as described above by Mr. Carver, are often cults in the sociological sense. And, as he pointed out, the hate comes from within and is based upon fear. Social Science suggests that self-loathing is strongly linked to hating others. So the local political cults are probably afraid of something, or don’t like themselves very well, or suffer some combination of these factors.

Costa Mesans shouldn’t be unduly influenced by cults, whether they are religious or political. Repeating unfounded accusations doesn’t make them true – it just brands the speaker as a cultist – or maybe an independent hater. Mr. Carver would feel sorry for them in either case, we’re sure.,0,5059960.story


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