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Feel good or do good

Feel good or do good

May 15

Overtime hours making public slums

We’ve noticed that advocates who favor having government do things they don’t know how do themselves are passionate, outspoken and uninformed. This article is about “the worst run” housing project known to the feds. It’s in Richmond, California.

It started as a way to ensure that everyone who needed housing got it. It became a cesspool of waste and nepotism. The naïve, who meant well, let it happen.

We might speculate that the not-always-polite, straight-talking make-it-happen Mayor of Costa Mesa would have said rude words – and insisted on responsible management. The lack of maintenance that led to having residents moved to private holdings at government expense? It wouldn’t have happened if he had been in charge. But the naïve, and maybe even some corrupt folks, got their way.

The article in Public CEO goes on:

“Meanwhile, (one of two employees) has billed the agency for hundreds of overtime hours for driving an agency vehicle despite not having a valid driver’s license. His license has been suspended on and off since September 2012, once for drunken driving after registering a blood alcohol level of 0.22, nearly three times the legal limit. It is still suspended. His aunt, Kathleen Jones, bailed him out of jail, records show. She’s the No. 2 official at the housing agency.

“(He) went on to clock 27 hours of overtime specifically for driving agency vehicles . . . while his license was suspended. Most of the 500-plus hours of overtime he has billed since his license was revoked required driving.

“A valid driver’s license is one of the few job requirements for a housing authority maintenance worker.

“At least one of the three top officials at the housing authority signed off on all the overtime: Tim Jones, Kathleen Jones or William Bounthon, a manager in the Section 8 department.

When you read this article, ask, “If a similar complex were built in Costa Mesa, as some of the “housing for everyone” advocates would like, who among our Council candidates would you like to see supervise its operation?”

Would you want the project supervised by officials who have histories of accomplishment –or by neophytes and chronic campaigners who’ve never personally booked a real accomplishment in office – or out?



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