Monday, June 26, 2017
Hears the message, doesn’t agree

Hears the message, doesn’t agree

Pay attention — I’m making noise 

Oct 13

This study found that:

Students distracted by electronic devices perform at the same level as those who are focused on the lecture

Conclusions. Every class member felt that they acquired the important learning points during the lecture. Those who were distracted by electronic devices during the lecture performed similarly to those who were not.

Students listened to a medical school lecture, and then completed a written test about the lecture material. It was not rigorous research, but it suggests that those who were texting and checking email during the lecture absorbed and understood the material as well as those who didn’t.

Let’s apply this research to the complaints from a few chronic whiners that “the Pro-tem texts and reads email (instead of looking enthralled) during unrestricted (and undisciplined) commentary at Council meetings. According to the researcher, the Pro tem  (and the texting Councilwoman) might both be understanding and remembering the comments as well as the other Councilwoman who looks toward the speakers with an expression of placid confusion. Maybe better, considering the replies they each make.

Also, remember the explanation of a committee member at a Fairview Park meeting; “It’s not that we don’t listen to you, we just don’t agree with you.”

Perhaps the Pro-tem, who can help run a city as well as manage large businesses is fully able to understand scatological ditties and unsupported accusations even while he’s doing something productive. He just doesn’t agree with fools – or project empathy and understanding toward them.

If you want to know what Councilmembers think of your ideas give them a call; two will return your call fairly promptly and may schedule a meeting to discuss your ideas. One may be prompt or may take while to return your call – but all three will take time to listen to your concerns. The two Councilwoman might return your call if you’re on their list of supporters.

Government officials should certainly be listening to constituents who have something of value to say. They aren’t obligated to pretend to be enthralled by a speaker repeating what six others in her group just said – and which is similar to their previous tired tirades.



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