Monday, June 26, 2017
Back in Operation

Back in Operation

Nov 29

The hiatus is over

CM Conserve will resume publishing on Monday, the first of December. There will be a few changes:

1. Names will be used when needed for clarity. We have tried to avoid calling attention to specific people for their errors of fact or lack of reasoning so we could concentrate on the errors. After all, we all make errors – see the disclaimer at the bottom of this page. However, in some cases, such as when referring to a specific City Council member, avoiding use of the name can become awkward.

Some of the bloggers and commenters are fueled by attention, so for them specifically we’ll use common nicknames – for example, “Bubbles” writes a blog that might account for his nickname. (A different blogger suggests that “Bubbles” may be a reference to his body habitus instead, though.) Whatever the basis we’ll use “Bubbles.” Some other attention-starved babblers who earn commentary will usually be addressed by nickname as well.

Some of the commenters, as well as Bubbles at times, appear to be trolls, paid or volunteer. The predominance of psychological and sociological theory indicates that trolls are mentally disturbed. (Troll Psychology ) It’s not clear if the paid ones (“I get paid tTroll IDo add content – do u?” was a recent Facebook comment) fit into that category.

It’s clear, though, that they are aroused and pleasured when they read angry replies. This warning might help those who want idea interchange to remember how to deal with trolls.

Admittedly it is fun to stir them up, especially those whose mental acuity limits their replies to inanities. When their replies deteriorate to off-question comments and insults it’s easy to picture them slobbering over their sweaters. Or, as Bubbles used to rant, sitting around in darkened rooms in their underwear with aluminum foil hats decorating their (mostly-empty) craniums.

2. We will expand the scope of our commentary: We’ll now include discussions of the use of power and persuasion to those about propaganda and persuasion and we’ll add discussion and data about water matters. Water, or lack of it, radically affects life in Costa Mesa.

3. We will begin numbering the blogs: year, month and sequence. So the first issue to be numbered will be Volume 1412 (year-month) number 1, with the next issue number 2, and so on.

The calendar will continue to reflect current city events and selected private-party events. If we miss yours, let us know.



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