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Past PD Privatization Studies

Past PD Privatization Studies

Volume 1412, Number 16

Old Private PD References 

One solution to PD union corruption is replacing the entire police department. This seems to be “throwing out the baby with the bathwater,” though.

Transferring CMPD to the Sheriff’s Department and contracting with the OCSD for service doesn’t address the issues very well. And, the examples of present-day OC deputies texting their contempt for civilians (published and criticized shortly after Hutchins was elected) suggest that lack of respect isn’t going to be improved by changes from blue to green uniforms. (SO sources say that officers are cautioned to hide their text and email civilian insults – no change of attitude, just hide the expressions from the public.)

We’ve had public police for a relatively short time. Private policing, paid for by those using the service were the norm, and still are for many private enterprises and home owners.

Ways to return to locality-based private policing and law enforcement services have been studied, discussed and used over the years. Here are twenty-seven references from back in the past (in no particular order) to stimulate thinking:

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