Thursday, July 27, 2017
PD Unions: don’t attack, educate

PD Unions: don’t attack, educate

Volume 1501, Number 6

Hey! Look at ME!

Cop commentary about multi-millionaire athletes wearing “I can’t breathe” sweat shirts.

What these guys are doing is using their star power to call attention to themselves and to jump on the bandwagon of being cool and ignoring facts.

Will wearing a polarizing shirt help? I don’t think so. I wonder if this star or the others have any plans to get into the community. They might even want to discuss that when the cops show up (the kids) should do whatever they are told to do and if they have an issue, complain later so the cop can be investigated.

It’s a lot easier for these guys to pretend they are doing something important while really just calling even more attention to themselves and further polarizing the country.

We have all sworn to protect their right to speak up and peacefully protest. What we can do is point to the facts about the cases and about the athletes’ lack of real support for the communities who pay them.

The message shirts remind us of the “anal ring” facial hair styles – yes, they are noticed but no, they don’t make you a professional baseball player.

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