Monday, June 26, 2017
Angry, misguided — and wrong again

Angry, misguided — and wrong again

Volume, Number 7

Meandering and minutia

Some who attend the Fairview Park Citizens Advisory Committee meetings are supposedly irate. “The great majority wants a ‘natural’ park and no development but the committee ignores them.” Nonsense.

The 24 regular visitors we’ve identified who show up for most or all meetings are not representative of 110,000 Costa Mesans. (More attendees show up when they are going to be on video, but they are there to seek attention and promote their agendas not to solve Park issues.) The committee represents all Costa Mesans.

Most Costa Mesans we know are concerned with sports practice, getting to work, paying bills and such. They don’t have time to attend more meetings. Others have said they feel like they’ll be attacked and maybe even in danger if they attend FPCAC meetings.

The majority of those we’ve contacted while they were using Fairview Park (approximately 60-70) thought the Park should be shared by all. Most expressed interest in more grassy areas.

“70% of those present wanted no sports fields” is a red herring. “70% of my football team thinks our opponents were just lucky” doesn’t confirm a statistical aberration, either.

Meager reading skills

Bubbles repeatedly insists that he has difficulty understanding this blog. According to the Flesch Readability Index, most posts are at the 10th grade level. That is actually above the norm for newspaper articles in the U.S. However, it would be difficult to cover some of our ideas at a “Dick and Jane” level to keep Bubbles and the Bubbletts burbling in understanding.

Servile — maybe two are

The FPCAC has been accused of toadying to the Council. (The critics must be referring to ex-chair Mehren and member Vrska who have voted consistently: They’ve opposed change, opposed no change and opposed the committee’s genitals {too many males} and friends {too many know Steve Mensinger}. The rest of the members vote in independent — and disparate — patterns of yea and nay.)

No bulldozers

Seeking information about sports field viability isn’t a commitment to bring in bulldozers; it’s an attempt to get facts instead of jumping to conclusions.

Speaking of jumping to conclusions; we’ve heard about “agendas” for the park but haven’t seen a single copy. We’ve also heard accusations that various developers are anxious to build stuff in the Park. We would like to see copies of business plans or agendas that support these contentions. If they aren’t available, well, have the accusers stopped beating their spouses – yet? Yes or no?

Why so mean and stupid

We are dismayed to hear and read examples of non-thinking, name-calling diatribe masquerading as commentary. It’s also concerning that adult-aged members of the community are unable to comprehend simple prose written for high-school reading levels. Are delusions and inadequate basic skills results of our educational system?

The answer is evident when we watch an LA teacher unable to complete a full and intelligible sentence from the lectern. And when we listen to the grade school teacher who can’t understand that a committee charged with reviewing the FVP plan to suggest changes wouldn’t be bound by what the plan says now.

OK, education is part of the problem. We understand that poor parenting contributes as well.

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