Monday, June 26, 2017
They can’t believe that

They can’t believe that

Volume 1501, Number 7

Filling idle time 

While cooling our heels we occupied ourselves by dissecting an example of the type of thinking so common in Costa Mesa. We recommend the activity to readers who have idle moments.

K. Findley, a “Top Commenter” for the Daily Pilot wrote:

 “It doesn’t seem to be effective to attend the meetings. Monahan, Righiemer (sic), and Mensinger don’t care about the citizens that (sic) speak at the meetings. The only thing that will change this town is if people stop voting them in. Believe it or not, more people like them than not as evident by their continuing to rule our city. The kind of values they promote, materialism, racism, and the elitist notion that if you can’t afford to live here, you should commute to Costa Mesa to do the dirty work that needs to be done in town, reflect the values of the majority of the population. Until Costa Mesa and Orange County extract themselves completely from the Tea Party, nothing will change for the better. Banning Ranch will be built, the union will be destroyed, and the minorities, homeless, and mentally ill will continue to be treated with hate and contempt.”

Let’s see. Findley attending meetings doesn’t make the Council majority care about citizens that speak at the meetings. Apparently she believes that Council members should express concern and affection for the handful of malcontents who appear meeting after meeting to make vague, unsupported accusations, sing scatological ditties, and scream obscenities at them. To make themselves more loveable and cuddly they behave like the fans at a junior high sports event – cheers, jeers, catcalls, etc. — while in the audience.

She understands that the majority of the voters – although not the majority of the “constant commenters” — approve of the majority’s governance. She also says that the majority of the voters support materialism, racism, and elitism.

She asserts that the City is in the grips of the Tea Party, who presumably affect the Council majority, or else she changed targets in mid-tirade. And she states that Banning Ranch will be built unless the citizens overthrow the Tea Party. That seems to be an awfully complex issue for the Tea Party to drive. She may see a far more organized and powerful group there than we do.

Apparently it will drive the Council majority to destroy a union, too. Wow! Pollitt must really wield a huge treasury and an army of fanatical followers. We wonder if we could watch them march.

Whether it’s the Tea Party or the Council majority, unless the voters change their support, “minorities, homeless and mentally ill will continue to be treated with contempt.” We can walk around Lions Park and see this happening all the time; the male Council members, city CEO and other officials walk about snickering and making rude comments.

Ms. Findley lives in a different Costa Mesa than we know. However, as they say on late night TV, there’s more!

Flo . . . Martin, another “Top Commenter” replied:

“The Tea Party is not at fault, really. The OC is controlled by laundered Mafia Money.”

And Findley responded:

“That is absurd. It IS Tea Party politics, and the citizens that support them. That is what Orange County is KNOWN for. Mafia Money. Honey, there is no “mafia” anymore.”

Better than a Three Stooges rerun.


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