Monday, June 26, 2017
“…in reality, we are very rich.”

“…in reality, we are very rich.”

Volume 1501, Number 8

Time goes only forward

Time won’t reverse for us.

And the City won’t either

Stephen Hawking notes from the perspective of his brilliance that time, for us, flows in only one direction. His math and reasoning support his premise.

Some remember when Costa Mesa had fewer businesses and homes, and kids could ride their bikes out to fields and shoot their BB guns. And they might remember how nice and quiet the neighborhoods were. They easily recall the days when water was plentiful and cheap and could be sprayed about to tidy up the yard.

Neither the City Council nor Mesa Water can mandate a time reversal back to those times we remember through our rosy lenses. We have to share our changed city and our space with others — with more and more others, in fact. We have to find more water for our increasing population.

There are benefits to living in Costa Mesa right now instead of in the past:

  1. Can you order pretty much anything you want from a local restaurant? Can you generally find whatever you want in shops close to home?
  2. Do you like where you live? Is the neighborhood safe?
  3. Are the roads in good shape, with functional curbs and sidewalks?

Look at all of the things we take for granted daily. We are more fortunate than at least 90 percent of the world. Consider what the physician and teacher Depok Chopra said:

“Each of us is like a millionaire with amnesia. We go through life feeling poor, having forgotten that in reality we are very rich.”

We can make our daily lives even better, too. For example:

Would a different route to the office be more scenic?

How about scheduling some time to do something fun or helpful, such as learning to surf or volunteering at the county hospital?

Change begins with the realization that we – only we — can change what we do and how we feel. We can’t realistically demand that the City Council protect us from inconveniences, like generators and lights in “our” parks. We can’t honestly demand that someone else do without (a beautiful home in Costa Mesa, perhaps) so that we’ll be comforted by watching the old buildings from our childhood deteriorate quietly into shambles.

We can find joy; we can be grateful and fill our lives with purpose and accomplishment in today’s Costa Mesa.

But we can’t demand that government give us back the city we had while we were growing up. We can’t insist that the City Council block new homes and magically produce more water and space and playing fields well away from our own quiet neighborhood.

Costa Mesa is growing, thriving and rebuilding. We can embrace and guide her growth – or sulk. Time will continue to move forward whichever we choose to do.

Let’s build and grow the City into the city of our dreams instead of whining about changes we don’t like and about having to share “our” space, and time – and water.


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