Thursday, July 27, 2017
About CMConserve

About CMConserve

Our intention is to fit into the blogosphere like the bracingly tart taste of yogurt fits between the boringly bland and the unspeakably vile. The perspective of the blog is generally conservative.

This blog isn’t about people, it’s about (people’s) ideas and behavior. We encourage our readers to “hate the behavior or idea” not the person.

I have no sponsoring group(s) or agencies. I am responsible for all posts unless they are identified as Guest Blogs or Guest Essays or comments.

Comments, guest posts and essays are welcome but must be from identified persons; anonymous submissions are deleted. Your identification will be withheld upon request. Profanity and name calling won’t be published. Rational debated is preferred and views opposing those expressed in the blog posts will be given priority.

Thanks for joining us at CMConserve.

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